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National Medical Laboratory Week.

National Medical Laboratory Week. The theme of this year's National Medical Laboratory Week, observed April 24-30, is "The Heart of the Medical Investigation Team." This special week is a time not only for employers to recognize the hard work and dedication of clinical lab professionals, but also for laboratorians themselves to promote their profession to the greater community through speaking engagements, high school career days, and community service activities. The laboratorians at Mercy General Health Partners in Muskegon, MI, participated in several team-building activities, including a food drive and a lab-coat-decorating competition. Annette Crevier sports the winning hematology-themed coat on the left, while Lori Seitsema models the runnerup--a coat promoting exercise and healthy eating--on the right.

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Title Annotation:Infectious diseases
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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