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Articles from National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology (January 1, 2017)

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A prospective observational study of use of antibiotics at emergency department in tertiary care hospital. Mamatha, V.; Nagesh, H.N.; Parashivamurthy, B.M. Clinical report 2097
A randomized prospective comparative study of weight gain between asenapine and iloperidone in patients with psychosis. Nagesh, H.N.; Nagaraj, Anil Kumar; Kishore, M.S.; Narendra Kumar, M.S. Clinical report 2425
A study on the anticonvulsant activity of Withania somnifera (Dunal) in albino rats. Raju, Santhosh Kumar; Basavanna, P.L.; Nagesh, H.N.; Shanbhag, Ajay D. Report 3090
An observational prospective study on prescribing pattern of drugs among pregnant women admitted in antenatal ward of a tertiary care teaching hospital in coastal town of South India. Sasidharan, Prasanand; Kolasani, Bhanu Prakash; Divyashanthi, C.M. Report 4627
Assessment of cardiovascular autonomic functions in substance abusers - A cross-sectional study. Sharma, Rajeev; Garg, Sonia; Batta, Meenal; Mittal, Shilekh; Thapar, Satish Report 2754
Assessment of heart rate variability in participants with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Surulichamy, Lalitha; Swaminathan, Anandhalakshmi; Sadasivam, Kanimozhi; Ayyavoo, Saravanan 2988
Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice of pharmacovigilance among doctors practicing alternative systems of medicine in Southern India: A questionnaire-based study. Rajesh, B.; Dharani, Devangi R.; Anjum, Waseem 2305
Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice of pharmacovigilance among private practitioners in Southern India: A questionnaire-based study. Rajesh, B.; Dharani, Devangi R.; Anjum, Waseem 2309
Association between glycemic control and intraocular pressure in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus. Baisakhiya, Shikha; Garg, Punita; Singh, Surjit 2384
Behavior of plasma interferon-gamma with graded exercise in individuals with varied body mass index and age: Risk stratification of predisposition to inflammation. Vijayaraghava, Ambarish Report 3517
Comparative study of simple auditory reaction time in blind and blindfolded sighted individuals. Bhirud, Bhavana G.; Chandan, Lalita M. Report 2073
Comparative study on the effect of yogic relaxing asanas and pranayamas on cardiovascular response in healthy young volunteers. Vasanthan, S.; Madanmohan, T.; Bhavanani, A.B.; Hanifah, M.; Jaiganesh, K. 2946
Comparison of efficacy of calcipotriol and betamethasone combination with betamethasone alone in plaque psoriasis. Singh, Harish Sardar; Narayana, Sarala; Vijayarangam, Shivakumar 2280
Condition of inflammation mediators and antioxidant protection system for endometriosis genitalis in women of reproductive age. Sulaimanova, Sonunbu Sh 2643
Contamination level of transvaginal ultrasound probes in standard setting: A meta-analysis. Aryanti, Citra Report 5430
Evaluation of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic activity of leukotriene receptor antagonist-montelukast: An experimental study. Kolhe, Atul Mallikarjun; Kale, Anand 3547
Evaluation of mean platelet volume and other platelet parameters in subjects with Type-2 diabetes mellitus. Swaminathan, Anandhalakshmi; Amitkumar, Kalaivani; Ganapathy, Shivashekar; Ayyavoo, Saravanan 2641
Evaluation of perceived stress in bus drivers of Pune city. Joshi, Anuradha Rajiv; Vaidya, Savita Madhukar 2151
Evaluation of prescribing pattern at dental outpatient department at a hospital, Gujarat. Patel, Priyanka S.; Patel, Satyen N.; Bhave, Amol 2269
Evaluation of respiratory function in physically active elderly males in comparison to males having sedentary lifestyle. Bamrotia, Jitendra B.; Patel, Dharmesh K.; Joshi, A.N. 3013
Evaluation of the effects of low-intensity laser radiation in treatment of chronic salpingo-oophoritis in women. Osmonova, Meerim B. Report 1953
Glycosylated hemoglobin as a marker of dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a tertiary care hospital. Patel, Dharmesh K.; Gamit, Dharmesh N.; Patel, Ankur B.; Gohil, Binita H. Report 3531
Influence of sawdust on peak expiratory flow rate in sawmill workers of central India working in unprotected environment and its correlation with duration of exposure. Kherde, Piyush M.; Mishra, Neelam V.; Chitta, Shrinivas S.; Gahukar, Shailesh D. 4051
Raised inter-arm difference in blood pressure: Association with family history of hypertension, anthropometric parameters, and mean arterial blood pressure. Kurian, Simmy; Joseph, Roshni Paul; Manjula, V.D. 3110
Study of QT interval in pediatric age group. Mohanty, Anwesit; Manjareeka, Magna; Mishra, Jayanti; Mishra, Soumya; Mishra, Jyotiprakash Report 3161
The effect of slow and fast musical tempo on post-exercise recovery on recovery period in young adults. Rane, Priyanka Ramdas; Gadkari, Jayashree V. 2052
The effect of yoga in improved cognitive functions in medical students: A comparative study. Ambareesha, Goud Kondam; Nagadeepa, W.; Jagan, N.; Jyothinath, K.; Suresh, M.; Chandrasekhar, M. Report 3015

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