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National Geographic's knack for fun learning.

There is something to be said for educational toys. When you are able to make learning fun, it just takes on a whole new meaning. From National Geographic comes a bevy of gift ideas that are fun, educational, or simply just beautiful.

For a close-up look at the wonders of both nature and the universe, try the 70-mm Land & Space Telescope ($169.95). An excellent choice for any burgeoning explorer, it's equipped with a rotating eyepiece turret holding 25-, 15-, and 6-mm eyepieces, along with a removable 18-mm image erecting eyepiece and a power-doubling Barlow lens, giving eight magnification powers to select from. The 70-mm coated objective lens offers superior light-gathering ability and renders images with clarity and detail.

Hilarious and heart-warming, Animal Holiday ($29.95) is a 30-minute video that combines classic animal footage with favorite holiday tunes. Kids learn about reindeer, otters, polar bears, and other cold-weather creatures, and can sing along as they watch the animals shake, waddle, and roll to the beat. Penguin Pal, an adorable plush, is included in the package.

Weavers in small workshops use fine wool to create luxurious Himalayan Wool Shawls ($68). With a unique geometric design native to the Kullu Valley of northern India, the 40" x 80" shawl is simply stunning.

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