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National Food Survey 1999.

According to the National Food Survey 1999, consumption of beef has stayed above expected levels. The survey has found that up to 1995 there had been a long-term decline in beef and veal consumption. Had this continued, expected levels of consumption in 1999 would have been around 100g per person per week. However the results of the 1999 National Food Survey show that figures are virtually unchanged from 1998, meaning that consumption during 1999 was greater than the trend level.

Although consumption fell following the announcement of a possible link between BSE and CJD in March 1996, it quickly recovered in 1997 back in line with expected trends. During 1998 and 1999 consumption of beef was above expected trends.

The National Statistician have also announced, that the National Food Survey will merge with the Family Expenditure Survey from April 2001. This, they believe, will better meet the needs of users, offer improvement in data scope and quality, as well as costing less than the two surveys separately.
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Title Annotation:beef consumption statistics
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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