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National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition may have difficulty funding E85 fueling infrastructure.

In an update to its members, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition noted that it has been advised that it is "unlikely" that the Department of Energy will make any grants during calendar year 2007 to build additional E85 stations.

NEVC says that it is negotiating with DOE officials in an attempt to receive an additional $800,000 to continue to provide E85 technical support, and is urging support for the bills that would provide more support for infrastructure build-out.

Funds available for spending by NEVC in 2007 are approximately half of the amount available in 2006. As a result, it is unlikely NEVC will be able to provide grants to assist with building new E85 stations.


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Title Annotation:Industry Report
Publication:Alternative Transportation Fuels Today
Date:Feb 19, 2007
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