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National Directory of Adult Day Care Centers, 2d ed.

The new National Directory of Adult Day Care Centers, second edition, could be a useful addition to the resources of major employers' eldercare referral services. Today there are increasing numbers of companies adopting eldercare policies and comprehensive services including nationwide consultation and referral services to assist employees in locating, evaluating, and managing eldercare.

For instance, at computer giant IBM, personalized referral services have been provided to more than 16,000 retirees and employees with elderly relatives, while more than 3,000 of AT&T's 51,000 employees in New Jersey have used that company's referral services.

The 449-page directory provides information on 2,080 adult day care centers nationwide. The growth in the field of adult day care has been dramatic. There were only 600 centers identified in the first edition, published in 1986.

The demand for care services for the elderly who are victims of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias or who require assistance has prompted the rapid growth.

The directory includes adult day care center name, address, county, and phone number; executive director and other staff contact; number of staff and number of clients; sponsorship and affiliations; service area; fee schedules; client eligibility criteria; hours and days of operation; transportation availability; and services and activities offered.

An extensive indexing system has been incorporated into the directory, listing the materials alphabetically three ways: by name of center, by State and county, and by the name of the program director.
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Publication:Health Care Financing Review
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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