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Articles from National Defense (November 1, 2003)

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'Virtual patients' could help expedite vaccine development. Erwin, Sandra I. 653
Affiliate events. 121
Air Force tilt rotor pilots to begin training in '05. Colucci, Frank 2327
Air Force war lessons will not be 'shelved'. Fein, Geoff S. 441
Army charges on with Joint Simulation System. Tiron, Roxana 1887
Army contracts out force protection at U.S. bases. Fein, Geoff S. 200
Army grappling with homeland security training requirements. Erwin, Sandra I. 1017
Army orders medical simulators. 166
At Unit of Action Lab, soldiers determine design of FCS. Tiron, Roxana 2004
Bayonet doubles as a fighting knife. Kennedy, Harold 565
Border guards trained to halt deadly shipments: both high-tech devices and sharp instincts are needed to combat smugglers. Fein, Geoff S. 2715
Camouflage garments lose weight. Foster, Sharon 87
Center will consolidate terrorist watch lists. Fein, Geoff S. 279
Common driver trainer could save millions. Erwin, Sandra I. 212
DHS office to focus on science and technology. Fein, Geoff S. 396
DHS to partner with industry to protect cyberspace. Fein, Geoff S. 493
Digital imagery recreates any location on Earth: simulator technology aids news coverage of war in Iraq, depicts events within hours. Fein, Geoff S. 668
Distributed Mission Ops shape USAF training projects. Rietze, Susan 1277
Drone team completes long-endurance flight test. Foster, Sharon 178
Editor's corner. 457
Events and descriptions. 830
F/A-22 pilots begin training at Tyndall AFB: planned upgrades: air-to-ground capabilities, connectivity with other trainers. Erwin, Sandra I. 906
Field boots get a second chance. Foster, Sharon 108
For future planning. 188
Future Force simulation office up and running. Tiron, Roxana 1512
Helicopter pilots will achieve majority status in the Navy. Erwin, Sandra I. 354
Homeland Security Division. 242
Homeland security drills adopt military-style simulations. Seton, Julie A. 941
Joint education to become mandatory for Navy officers. Erwin, Sandra I. 166
KC-135 simulator is now "in motion". Rietze, Susan 172
Land Warrior follows simpler path. Erwin, Sandra I. 480
Marine logistics command strives for efficiency. Ronis, Sheila R. 1040
Marines sharpen their skills in hand-to-hand combat. Kennedy, Harold 2013
Marines to evaluate new mobile command center. 221
Military Imagery Agency to be renamed. Fein, Geoff S. 301
Modernization spending should not slow down. Farell, Lawrence P., Jr. 934
More than 165,000 sailors sign up for online learning. Kennedy, Harold 347
National Defense University expands joint curriculum. 1033
National Guard units train without leaving home. Fein, Geoff S. 1337
Naval aviators grapple with post-Iraq change. Erwin, Sandra I. 2631
Naval simulators designed for training while at sea. Tiron, Roxana 1442
Naval Warfare Center pursuing new partnerships: (Crane division touts rapid-deployment success in supporting forces in Iraq). Reece, Dave 915
Navy command engages in info warfare campaign. Kennedy, Harold 1843
NDIA, Association of Former Intelligence Officers sign agreement to increase cooperation. 135
Operation Iraqi Freedom and the future of the helicopter. Goure, Daniel 793
Pentagon microelectronics maker: no order too small. Peck, Michael 658
Pentagon seeks to address supplier shortage. Ronis, Sheila R. 799
Picatinny Chapter focuses on workforce. Menker, Janice M. 795
Pros, cons of Hybrid-Electric vehicles--another view. Luchini, Kenneth 141
Pump up anti-sub warfare, Admiral says. Fein, Geoff S. 228
Rescue Sled comes back with new design. Foster, Sharon 129
San Diego Chapter names fleet support award winners. 183
Services cope with demand for joint training. Erwin, Sandra I. 2431
SOCOM--the sequel stresses teamwork. Foster, Sharon 239
Soldier performance tested under pressure. Foster, Sharon 121
Soldiers test new systems to identify friendly forces. Erwin, Sandra I. 1178
Special-ops sniper training stresses control, discipline. Tiron, Roxana 1208
Successful war games combine both civilian and military traits. Peck, Michael 2492
Taking fire, Navy Marine Corps Intranet progresses. Kennedy, Harold 1390
Transformation: are the goals off target? Military not adequately equipped for nation building, says former CENTCOM chief. Erwin, Sandra I. 1447
U.S. targets shipments of nuclear reactor components. Fein, Geoff S. 436
Video game helps teach armor officer skills. Peck, Michael 320
Wireless technology sought or urban, subterranean ops. Colucci, Frank 1541

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