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National Defense Service Medal reinstated. (Around the Fleet).

The office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense has authorized members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001, to be awarded the National Defense Service Medal (NDSM).

All personnel who meet the active-duty eligibility criteria contained in Para. 430.8a of the Awards Manual, SECNAVINST 1650.1G (Ref. A) are authorized to wear the NDSM.

For personnel previously awarded the NDSM, Bronze Star(s) shall be worn on the medal ribbon and the ribbon bar, as prescribed in Para. 430.8b of Ref. A, to denote subsequent awards.

Commands may order the NDSM through the supply system under NSN 8455-00281-3214. Service members may purchase the NDSM ribbon through the exchange systems.

Entries reflecting the award of the NDSM will be made to service records in accordance with Navy and Marine Corps directives.
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Publication:All Hands
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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