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National Charities Information Bureau Hosts Conference on Online Philanthropy On the Occasion of the White House Conference on Philanthropy.

Industry Leaders Recommend 'On Your SIDE: Tips for Nonprofit Net Transactions'

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- National Charities Information Bureau announced today that it is bringing together key leaders at the nexus of philanthropy and technology at a public forum to examine the burgeoning philanthropic possibilities that using the Internet provides.

The "E-Philanthropy: Technology and the Nonprofit Community" forum is being held in conjunction with the White House Conference on Philanthropy: Gifts to the Future. In the spirit of the conference, government leaders, foundation and nonprofit executives, and business leaders are convening to look at how the ever-increasing use of the Internet will impact charitable giving in America.

There are currently 48 million weekly users of the Internet in the United States, and over 3.5 million of these users have already directed support to nonprofits online, according to a recent study released by Cravers, Mathews, Smith & Company.

"The Internet represents a new world of opportunities for service delivery as well as resource development for the nonprofit community. To serve the public's interest, we need to ensure that citizens receive information they need to be able to navigate wisely through this new territory," said William P. Massey, president of NCIB.

To that end, NCIB along with the forum's sponsors, which include the AOL Foundation,, and, are recommending "On Your SIDE: Tips for Nonprofit Net Transactions." The four "On Your SIDE" tips include: Security, Informed Choice, Disclosure, and Ease of Contact.

1. Security: Individuals should look for clearly stated privacy

policies on the web sites they visit to ensure the security and

privacy of their personal information.

2. Informed Choice: Web sites should have no hidden requirements for

consumers and no "fine print" to read. Common questions should be

answered clearly in an easily located place on the web site, such as

an FAQ.

3. Disclosure: Some things that every site should provide include a

detailed description of the transaction process including how the

money is sent to the designated charity, whether a site is for profit

or nonprofit, what percentage of a donation or charity shopping

purchase is going to the designated charity, and whether

contributions made through the site are tax-deductible.

4. Ease of Contact: Individuals and nonprofits should have clear

guidance on how to contact or reach the site to have questions

answered or issues resolved.

"As an organization that represents donors, NCIB is encouraged to note that at the beginning of online philanthropy, industry leaders are already coming together and agreeing on fundamental practices to safeguard the interests of both donors and nonprofits," said Massey.

The forum is being held on October 22, 1999, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building prior to the White House Conference on Philanthropy: Gifts to the Future. The forum includes three panels:

"The E-Philanthropy Landscape" with David Beier, Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Gore; Robert Guldi, Director of Creative Services for the American Red Cross; Dr. Jay D. Hair, Executive Vice President of; and Wade Henderson, Executive Director of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

"Balancing Commerce and Principle in Philanthropy" with Karen Menichelli, Deputy Director of the Benton Foundation; Pete Mountanos, CEO of; and William P. Massey, President of the National Charities Information Bureau.

"Vast Untapped Potential" with Elliot Maxwell, Special Advisor to the Secretary for the Digital Economy, U.S. Department of Commerce; Mark J. Rover, Senior Vice President of Cravers, Mathews, Smith & Company; David Eisner, Vice President of the AOL Foundation; and Trabian Shorters, Washington, D.C. Circuit Rider for the Rockefeller Technology Project.
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Date:Oct 22, 1999
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