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Articles from National Catholic Reporter (April 18, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
15 doable steps. Brief article 241
A trip to the bottom of the world. Saale, Dick Geographic overview 439
Ad identifies 'moral crisis'. Brief article 182
Avoided: King's reality. Editorial 480
Beijing boycott urged. Brief article 166
Broken Vessels. Handle, Susan Poem 117
Burger joint spreads eco-message. Heffern, Rich 1231
Bush's war. Harty, Kevin D. Letter to the editor 140
Carbonated holiness: in their first encounter, writers Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Gilbert fizz with wit. Patterson, Margot 1984
Caring women. Leverone, Richard Letter to the editor 207
Catholicism, Texas style. Larivee, Rita 519
Christian politics questioned. Brief article 106
Church details forced labor use. Brief article 108
Church to donate tax rebate. Brief article 169
Civil War-era law may apply. Brief article 157
Damien Moran. Brief article 98
Damning America right and left: in America, condemnation of sins is as old as the puritans. Ruether, Rosemary 842
Eckhart Tolle's message is positive. But is it Christian? Betty, Stafford 1221
Forgot to pack your Bhagavad Gita? Brief article 300
Illegitimate baptisms. Schoettly, Mary Ann M.; McFarland, Mike; Rea, Amadeo M. Letter to the editor 320
Leaving the church. McCrea, Jim Letter to the editor 107
Lively oldsters, courageous youngsters: seniors sing in 'Young @ Heart'; a little boy undertakes a perilous journey in 'Under the Same Moon'. Doherty, Kevin; Cunneen, Joseph Movie review 991
Mortgage crisis weighs heavily on poor: buried in nation's financial woes is a serious moral issue, Catholic leaders say. Markey, Eileen 1325
N.Y. teachers vote to strike during pope's visit. 350
On board a floating classroom: kids encounter Thailand's river ecology up close. Malcolm, Teresa 1245
One man's tale of war: Dr. Osama Al-Salami lost his wife, son and home in Iraq. McCarthy, Colman 738
Pacifism. Batterton, Jim Letter to the editor 249
Quotable & notable. Brief article 201
Runners mark anniversary. Brief article 110
Schools give pope gift of community service. Hamm, Brittani 409
Sen. Clinton's best hope--the Catholic vote. Barron, Mary 1193
Texas: new Catholic frontier: John L. Allen travels across the Lone Star State to learn more about the challenges the state's new, first-ever cardinal faces as he settles in. Key findings: Parishes are overflowing, immigration keeps leaders hopping, and stereotypes don't apply. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover story 5192
The amazing complexity of religious belief: a book breathtaking in its scope considers the diversity between and within religions. Turner, Darrell Book review 926
The danger of breakfast politics. Editorial 630
The wonder of the world's most precious resource. Lefevere, Patricia 611
True theology. Scanlon, Charles Letter to the editor 161
Two dioceses face major changes. 391
Uncertain leadership strains nerves in Zimbabwe. 546
Upbeat pope to peddle basics: Benedict will plant seeds on visit to U.S., raising this question: what will he reap? Allen, John L., Jr. 1538
Water tapping a strained supply. Lefevere, Patricia 2058
Wealth not the problem. Haller, Terry Letter to the editor 211
Women scholars belong at synod on the word. Houlihan, Rita L. 530

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