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National Care for Pastors Sunday October 13th.

Orlando, FL, September 25, 2013 --( The nonprofit ministry Care for Pastors, Inc. announced today the 2nd annual celebration of National Care for Pastors Sunday—a day for churches across the nation to express appreciation to ministers and their families, to be celebrated on the second Sunday of every October.

Statistics regarding the longevity of pastors is startling: up to 80 percent will leave ministry within 10 years according to the Francis Shaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development.

“We believe there is tremendous value in churches to intentionally communicate and demonstrate appreciation to their pastor(s),” said Ron Cook, Founder of Care for Pastors. “Care for Pastors wants to help every church celebrate their pastoral staff and families. This simple act will go miles to helping the congregation appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes of the church.”

This year, National Care for Pastors Sunday is October 13th.

Care for Pastors hopes to affirm the office of pastoral leaders; inspire churches and their members to honor those who are serving as pastors; and to see healthy relationships developed between congregations and pastors. “Every healthy relationship involves both parties giving and receiving. Many churchgoers only have the mindset of receiving when it comes to their minister; and often, ministers only have the mindset of giving. National Care for Pastors Sunday promotes a healthier relationship between pastors and congregants,” said Timothy Jensen, Development Director at Care for Pastors.

Care for Pastors is offering a free Event Planning Guide at which gives helpful and creative ideas on how to express appreciation to pastors and their families, whether done by individual churchgoers or as a whole congregation.

One suggestion in the Event Planning Guide involves churchgoers, youth groups, Bible study classes, or even entire churches purchasing professionally designed t-shirts that will be worn on Care for Pastors Sunday. “Imagine a church full of people expressing their appreciation with a shirt that says, 'I love my pastor!' If we can celebrate our sports teams with apparel, certainly we can celebrate our pastors,” says Jensen.

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Care for Pastors is a national non-denominational ministry based in Leesburg, Florida, that cares for those who minister (

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Date:Sep 25, 2013
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