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National Bylaws amendments voted upon at annual business meeting.

The delegates to the 2009 annual business meeting in Minneapolis approved amendments to the National Bylaws which (1) integrate the new Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA) certification discipline into the AMT membership structure, and (2) accommodate AMT's recent shift to a year-round membership dues renewal system. The delegates declined, however, to adopt a state-sponsored amendment to restructure the Nominating Committee.

CMLA: As a result of the amendments, which passed by a unanimous voice vote, the CMLA membership class now enjoys the same membership privileges as other AMT disciplines. In general, CMLA members have the right to vote in all state and international society elections, and may hold society or national offices and serve as delegates to the annual meeting.

For purposes of delegate representation, the CMLA membership class has been consolidated with the COLT class, such that the two classes combined are entitled to one delegate for each 100 such members (or fraction thereof) residing within the boundaries of the state or international society. The two classes were combined for this purpose because AMT recently discontinued offering the COLT exam and began offering the CMLA exam in its place. Members currently in the COLT membership class will continue to have the opportunity to renew their membership annually and will retain all privileges of membership.

Annual renewal dues for the CMLA class are the same as for RMA, CMAS, RDA, RPT and COLT members (currently $48.00).

Annual Dues Renewal: The delegates also unanimously approved a "housekeeping" amendment to Article VIII of the Bylaws, removing the previous provision for payment of annual renewal fees on or before January 1 of each year. The AMT Office recently converted from a fixed-date renewal system to a staggered, year-round renewal system. Under the new system, each member's annual renewal date is tied to the month in which the member initially was certified by AMT. The deletion of two sentences in Article VIII, Section 1 accommodates the shift to a year-round renewal structure.

Delegates Defeat Proposed Changes to Nominating Committee: A proposed amendment sponsored by the North Carolina State Society, which would have modified the structure and functions of the Nominating Committee, failed to garner the two-thirds majority vote needed for adoption.

The NCSSAMT-sponsored amendment would have expanded from five to six the minimum number of Nominating Committee members; would have assured that each District was represented on the committee; and would have eliminated the committee's duty to select the "best qualified" candidates to fill vacant director seats. The most controversial aspect of the proposed amendment, however, was a provision allowing the committee to recruit additional candidates for an elective Board position if there were fewer than two declared candidates for the vacancy 72 hours before the election. Many delegates felt that a member's decision to run for the national Board should not be made on the spur of the moment at the annual convention, but instead should involve much forethought and discussion--including discussions with one's employer and family.

Although the amendment received considerable support among the delegates, it was clear from a showing of hands that it had failed to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority for adoption, and it was thus defeated
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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