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National's Complete Deflection Solution For Continuous-Sync CRT Monitors Has The Industry's Lowest Phase Jitter Rating.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 12, 1996--National Semiconductor today released a complete deflection solution for continuous-sync CRT monitors. Consisting of two ICs -- the LM1292 and LM1295 -- National's solution offers a unique combination of design flexibility and precision performance with the broadest horizontal timing range available. The chip set also allows the use of horizontal time base and geometric correction separately.

"Our solution is ideal for designers who face critical high-resolution performance requirements as well as for manufacturers who want to produce one versatile deflection design that can be applied across a range of monitor applications," observed Harry Inia, National product marketing manager. "The broad performance range of these highly-integrated devices makes them easily adaptable to microcontroller-based monitors, enabling monitor manufacturers to unify their platform designs."

The LM1292 is an integrated horizontal time-base solution specifically designed to control the CRT horizontal scan rate of continuous-sync video monitors with stringent timebase requirements (763 ps at 125kHz). The IC contains a frequency-to-voltage converter, which in turn controls the frequency tracking of the on-chip voltage-controlled oscillator to the incoming horizontal sync signal. In addition to bringing very low jitter operation to the CRT monitor, design complexity, board space, and cost are all minimized by the chip's capability to automatically capture the incoming horizontal signal over the entire frequency range (22kHz-125 kHz) with a single set of external components. No precision external components, component switching or external adjustments are necessary.

The LM1292 accepts all common computer sync signals without switching between sync sources, eliminating the need for external sync stripping circuitry. An internal sync selection scheme gives highest priority to H and V sync, then Composite Sync, followed by Sync on Green (Composite Video). A video mute feature during resynchronization helps create a clean transition when monitors adjust to different horizontal sync frequencies. Safety features include undervoltage lockout for Vcc less than 9.5V and an automatic shut-down latch mechanism should a CRT anode over-voltage state occur. This safety feature shuts down the horizontal drive pulses to prevent X-ray emission from the CRT.

The LM1295 is a DC-controlled geometry correction system designed specifically for use in continuous sync monitors. All output waveforms are synchronized to the input V sync over a wide refresh-rate range of 50 to 170Hz, with up to 125 kHz of bandwidth for dynamic input signals making it useful in a wide range of video monitor platforms. The device provides sawtooth waveforms for East-West pincushion, E-W bow, trapezoid and parallelogram correction in either positive or negative polarities. This feature, as well as dynamic focus and height controls, add to the design flexibility of the LM1295.

Pricing and Availability:

Both the LM1292 and the LM1295 are currently available from National Semiconductor. When purchased in quantities of 1000, the LM1292 is $2.75 each while the LM1295 is $2.54. For more information on the LM1292, LM1295, or other National Semiconductor products, contact the National Semiconductor Customer Response Group at 1-800-272-9959.

National Semiconductor Corporation(R) provides Technologies For Moving and Shaping Information(R). The company focuses on four strategic markets: communications, personal systems, industrial, and consumer. National Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has 20,000 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1996, the company reported sales of $2.6 billion.

Reader Information: 1-800-272-9959 World Wide Web:

CONTACT: National Semiconductor Corporation

Gerry Ziegler, 408/721-4319 (PR Manager)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 12, 1996
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