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Nasrallah confirms post Qusayr phase will not alter Hezbollah policy.

NNA - Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, delivered a speech on Friday, in which he tackled developments at the Lebanese and Syrian scenes, and displayed the post-Qusayr stances and reactions.

The Secretary General's televised speech, which marks the "Day of the Injured", witnessed the attendance of the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, as well as a huge crowd of partisans and supporters.

After paying tribute to all those who maintained injury while practicing their patriotic duties, the Hezbollah Chief regretted the fact that some political sides aimed to hide the part of history that boasts the glorious victories of these people, especially from the rising Lebanese generations.

"They aim to distort and twist facts," said Nasrallah, noting "their lies a story behind each injured soldier that ought to be written as a reminder of the Resistance's glorious victories in July 2006, April 1996, and back in 2000." The Resistance has always enjoyed a clear vision and a state of alertness regarding the grave danger accompanying any attempt to coexist with Israeli and U.S. schemes and projects -- similar to those back in 1982, Nasrallah said.

"Our vision has led us to war, despite the Arab and international perverse stances -- excluding Syria and Iran," he said.

"The Resistance has liberated Lebanon from occupation with its countless sacrifices. It shall also protect Lebanon's oil with its selfless endeavors," said Nasrallah.

He went on to remind his audience that if it weren't for the sacrifices of the Resistance, Israeli settlements would have spread all over Lebanon's water and land, just like in the West Bank.

"Our government would have become a reflecting image of the Israeli government, the way it used to be in Sidon and Tyre," Nasrallah said, stressing that this part of the past ought not to be forgotten today.

"Today's battle is a continuation to the battle of the past because it's simply an attempt to torpedo all our accomplishments," the Hezbollah chief said.

He stressed that his party was an integral part of the Lebanese society that no power will be able to deracinate.

"We have been living in this land for hundreds of years. We neither own other nationalities, nor projects outside Lebanon (...) we shall stay to offer more sacrifices for our nation's sake," said Nasrallah.

As for the challenges on the Parliament's self-extension of the House's mandate, Nasrallah said his Party still awaited the decision of the Constitutional Council with this regard. However, he fervently deprecated the U.S. Embassy's blatant interference in a strictly Lebanese affair as such.

Touching on the shaky security situation in Lebanon, Nasrallah said that the best option would be to resort to optimum self-restraint.

"The Lebanese situation has been unstable since 2005. Lately, there has been immense media pressure and unrepressed feelings that have lead to inappropriate and illegal acts," he said, urging self-control by the Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, and all those residing in Lebanese territories.

Nasrallah also said that he had held contacts with Iraqi and Iranian religious figures for their approval to issue a "fatwa" forbidding air shooting as a cheerful expression on different occasions.

"All are called forth to resort to love, religion, and logic to wipe out this phenomenon," he said, suggesting such munitions be given to serve the Resistance's cause instead.

As for the intensified rocket attacks which targeted the city of Blbek within the last few days, Nasrallah warned from those saying that the very same rockets had been launched from Arsal.

"In other words, this means that the rockets had been launched from a Sunni region towards a Shiite one," Nasrallah warned, saying those spreading such rumors have their own goals and designs. He also insisted that said rockets had been launched from Syrian territories, not Arsal.

The Hezbollah chief did not fail to censure the "exploitation" practiced by the media and intelligence apparatuses in an attempt to foment strife between the locality of Arsal and its surroundings. He also stressed the paramount importance of having all sides nip in the bud all strife plots.

Also, Nasrallah vehemently condemned the killing of the "Lebanese Option Party" member, Hashem Salman, outside the Iranian Embassy last Sunday.

"This act is utterly rejected. A dear person was killed and investigations are underway to uncover the identity of those who shot him dead," he said.

Besides, Nasrallah said that Hezbollah's participation in Syria's battle field did not come at the spur of the moment.

"We are aware of the outcome of the 'sleeping' project and its ramifications on different levels," he said, stressing that it was rather more the gravity of the situation that had driven them to war on the Syrian state's side, than it is their loyalty to Assad's regime.

"We support reform, but are against destroying the entire Syrian nation. There's an armed opposition -- that now comprises of tens of unidentified thousands -- that is fighting the regime in Syria," he said, highlighting the ironic fact that nations that don't practice elections and don't abide by a certain constitution were sending their troops to fight for reform in Syria.

"There's a U.S.-Takfiri project to bring down the region," Nasrallah warned, making clear that his party's participation is the outcome of a well-planned project to face international schemes that "not only aim to witness Syria's collapse, but also that of the entire region." Nasrallah also expressed wonder at the Gulf Cooperation Council's mulling the thought of listing Hezbollah as a terrorist party.

"We wonder if they possess a list of terrorists to start with, or whether they are merely threatening us with the Lebanese residing in the Gulf region. None of Hezbollah's youth live in the GCC countries," he maintained, reiterating his party's pledge to bear the repercussions of any project it decides to delve into.

The Hezbollah leader concluded by affirming that the post-Qusayr phase was tantamount to the previous one.

"We will not change because the project targeting this area has not changed. To the contrary, this will only refine our existence." ==================R.H.


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Date:Jun 14, 2013
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