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Needed: More studies of CSF molecular biomarkers in psychiatric disorders. Aug 1, 2021 1165
From ideology to articles of faith: The 'religification' of political beliefs. Jul 1, 2021 1128
Psychiatry is Neurology: White matter pathology permeates psychiatric disorders. Jun 1, 2021 1976
10 devastating consequences of psychotic relapses. May 1, 2021 2292
Today's psychiatric neuroscience advances were science fiction during my residency. Apr 1, 2021 1944
Treatment resistance is a myth! Mar 1, 2021 1712
Plagues that will haunt us long after the COVID-19 pandemic is gone: Long-standing injurious epidemics that predated COVID-19 are likely to continue causing grief and suffering to millions, unless we diligently resolve them. Feb 1, 2021 897
Let's 'cancel' these obsolete terms in DSM. Jan 1, 2021 1537
2020: The year a viral asteroid collided with planet earth. Dec 1, 2020 2279
Unmet needs in the pharmacotherapy of psychiatric brain syndromes: Novel pharmacotherapies are needed to address the gaps in the clinical care of our patients. Nov 1, 2020 1454
Neuro-politics: Will you vote with your cortex or limbic system? Oct 1, 2020 1284
Revamp the MOC. Sep 1, 2020 1677
Enduring the ordeal of a quadruple threat is especially arduous for psychiatric patients. Aug 1, 2020 926
COVID-19 and the precipitous dismantlement of societal norms. Jul 1, 2020 2184
Stop calling it 'behavioral health': Psychiatry is much more. Jun 1, 2020 1005
The cataclysmic COVID-19 pandemic: This Changes Everything! May 1, 2020 1002
Pre-authorization is illegal, unethical, and adversely disrupts patient care. Apr 1, 2020 1410
Dear Colleague:. Apr 1, 2020 189
Paradise lost: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness among psychiatric patients. Mar 1, 2020 914
We are physicians, not providers, and we treat patients, not clients! Feb 1, 2020 1526
20 Reasons to celebrate our APA membership in 2020. Jan 1, 2020 1710
My vision as a candidate for APA President-Elect. Dec 1, 2019 1481
Anathemas of psychiatric practice. Nov 1, 2019 1094
Premature mortality across most psychiatric disorders. Oct 1, 2019 2050
Transformative advances are unfolding in psychiatry. Sep 1, 2019 1359
Beyond 'selfies': An epidemic of acquired narcissism. Aug 1, 2019 1012
Psychosis as a common thread across psychiatric disorders. Jul 1, 2019 774
It's time to implement measurement-based care in psychiatric practice. Jun 1, 2019 1657
Your patient's brain is different at every visit. May 1, 2019 1122
Pimavanserin: A potentially safer alternative to clozapine for refractory hallucinations and delusions. Apr 1, 2019 1257
Psychiatry and neurology: Sister neuroscience specialties with different approaches to the brain: Every patient with a brain/mind disorder should receive both neurologic and psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Editorial Mar 1, 2019 1013
Psychiatry's social impact: Pervasive and multifaceted: A massive investment to find cures for mental illness is the key to addressing the many societal repercussions of psychiatric disorders. Editorial Feb 1, 2019 1471
Seasonality of birth and psychiatric illness: Some seasonal environmental factors might increase the risk for disorders of the brain, body, and mind. Editorial Jan 1, 2019 1785
The daunting challenge of schizophrenia: hundreds of biotypes and dozens of theories: The heterogeneity of this complex brain syndrome represents a formidable challenge. Dec 1, 2018 1278
Psychopharmacology 3.0: There is little doubt that the psychopharmacology revolution has been transformational for psychiatry and is also credited for sparking the momentous neuroscience advances of the past half century. Report Nov 1, 2018 1344
Neuropolitics in the age of extremism: Brain regions involved in hatred. Editorial Oct 1, 2018 1048
It takes guts to be mentally ill: Microbiota and psychopathology. Sep 1, 2018 1699
FAST and RAPID: Acronyms to prevent brain damage in stroke and psychosis. Editorial Aug 1, 2018 1457
Is anatomy destiny? Not according to GxE! Editorial Jun 1, 2018 961
The DNA of psychiatric practice: A covenant with our patients: These essential principles govern the relationship of psychiatrists with their patients. Editorial May 1, 2018 794
The crisis of poor physical health and early mortality of psychiatric patients. Report Apr 1, 2018 1497
The toxic zeitgeist of hyper-partisanship: A psychiatric perspective. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2018 856
The puzzling relationship between cholesterol and psychopathology. Jan 1, 2018 1471
The dawn of precision psychiatry. Dec 1, 2017 1005
Errors of omission and commission in psychiatric practice. Nov 1, 2017 1296
Beyond DSM-5: Clinical and biologic features shared by major psychiatric syndromes. Report Oct 1, 2017 1258
Advancing clinical neuroscience literacy among psychiatric practitioners. Sep 1, 2017 905
Proposed curriculum for psychologists. Sep 1, 2017 571
For first-episode psychosis, psychiatrists should behave like cardiologists: starting a long-acting injectable antipsychotic soon after a first psychotic episode can prevent a more destructive second episode. Aug 1, 2017 1727
Glutamate's exciting roles in body, brain, and mind: a fertile future pharmacotherapy target. Editorial Jul 1, 2017 1504
Prescribing is the culmination of extensive medical training and psychologists don't qualify. Brief article Jun 1, 2017 2344
Maddening therapies: how hallucinogens morphed into novel treatments. Editorial Jan 1, 2017 1580
Are you neuroprotecting your patients? 10 Adjunctive therapies to consider. Editorial Dec 1, 2016 1494
Accelerated aging in schizophrenia: shortened telomeres, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Nov 1, 2016 1015
Unresolved questions about the specialty lurk in the cortex of psychiatrists: the answers we need just keep 'blowin' in the wind. Aug 1, 2016 1115
Fear and loathing abound in the 'off-label' presidential election of 2016. Jul 1, 2016 786
The scourge of societal anosognosia about the mentally ill: a society that fails to attend to the mental illness of its citizens endangers their overall health and welfare. Report Jun 1, 2016 1272
'Druggable' genes, promiscuous drugs, repurposed medications: thanks to disruptive genetic breakthroughs in psychiatry, there are glittering lights at the end of the psychopharmacotherapeutic discovery tunnel. Report May 1, 2016 971
Stop blaming 'demons' for bizarre delusions or behavior! Feb 1, 2016 1244
16 New Year's resolutions for psychiatrists in 2016. Jan 1, 2016 914
A decade after the CATIE study, the focus has shifted from effectiveness to neuroprotection. Dec 1, 2015 1659
Needed: a biopsychosocial 'therapeutic placenta' for people with schizophrenia. Report Oct 1, 2015 1265
Do you practice sophisticated psychiatry? 10 Proposed foundations of advanced care: some psychiatrists continue to practice as they did 30 or 40 years ago when they completed residency. Report Aug 1, 2015 747
Is there only 1 neurobiologic psychiatric disorder, with different clinical expressions? Can you envision a day when psychiatric disorders are conceptualized as having a common genetic, neurobiological, and clinical core? Editorial Jul 1, 2015 818
From a thick volume to ... a booklet? Editorial Jul 1, 2015 238
Beyond dopamine: brain repair tactics in schizophrenia. Editorial Jun 1, 2015 1520
Psychoneurogastroenterology: the abdominal brain, the microbiome, and psychiatry: neuropsychiatric researchers have long ignored the enteric nervous system and the microbiome; it's time for them to focus on how to exploit these entities. Editorial May 1, 2015 855
Unmet needs and hassles of psychiatric practice: few things are more aggravating than having to secure preauthorization from an insurance company to hospitalize an acutely ill patient or to prescribe a medication that is not on the insurer's restrictive formulary. Editorial Apr 1, 2015 1020
10 Triggers of inflammation to be avoided, to reduce the risk of depression: educating our patients about adopting a healthy lifestyle--not smoking, exercising, eating wisely, and so on--might lower their risk of psychiatric relapse. Mar 1, 2015 1215
10 recent paradigm shifts in the neurobiology and treatment of depression. Report Feb 1, 2015 2060
From bedlam to biomarkers: the transformation of psychiatry's terminology reflects its 4 conceptual earthquakes. Editorial Jan 1, 2015 1241
Signs, symptoms, and treatment of psychiatrynemia. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2014 602
Eating fish during pregnancy. Report Dec 1, 2014 195
The sins and peccadillos of psychiatric practice. Essay Nov 1, 2014 920
Can philanthropy fill the unmet needs of psychiatry? Sep 1, 2014 1286
For couples seeking to conceive, offer advice on reducing the risk of schizophrenia in their child: a couple who wants to have a child recently approached me because they were worried about the husband's family history of schizophrenia. Editorial Aug 1, 2014 1335
Case commentary by Henry A. Nasrallah, MD. Aug 1, 2014 513
Post-World War II psychiatry: 70 years of momentous change. Report Jul 1, 2014 2043
The transient truths of medical 'progress'. Jun 1, 2014 983
BPD and the broader landscape of neuropsychiatric illness. Jun 1, 2014 775
100 years of solicitude do global traumatic events have a transgenerational effect? Editorial May 1, 2014 1222
Borderline personality disorder is a heritable brain disease. Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2014 1021
A brave new era of IV psychopharmacotherapy. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 1062
Psychiatry's future shock. Editorial Feb 1, 2014 972
The travesty of disparity and non-parity: senseless, unethical discrimination against mental illness goes on unabated, despite lip service by politicians and policy-makers. Editorial Jan 1, 2014 945
Repositioning psychotherapy as a neurobiological intervention: psychotherapy should be recon-ceptualized, rebranded, and repositioned--for the good of our patients. Editorial Dec 1, 2013 862
One shade of gray, 50 shades of ignorance. Nov 1, 2013 701
Misdiagnosing bipolar disorder as major depressive disorder: during my residency, I was never urged to distinguish if a depression is unipolar or bipolar because the treatment was the same! Editorial Oct 1, 2013 853
A saga of psychiatric serendipities... Report Sep 1, 2013 1184
Let's tear down the silos and reunify psychiatry and neurology! Editorial Aug 1, 2013 980
Haloperidol clearly is neurotoxic. Should it be banned? Jul 1, 2013 916
Beyond dopamine: the 'other' effects of antipsychotics: antipsychotics exert anti-immuno-inflammatory, antioxidative, and neuroplasticity effects. Jun 1, 2013 1081
Staging psychiatric disorders: a clinico-biologic model. Editorial May 1, 2013 1473
Pleiotropy of psychiatric disorders will reinvent DSM: momentous discoveries about the shared neurogenetics of psychiatric disorders eventually will render DSM-5 obsolete. Editorial Apr 1, 2013 1020
Brain and mind assessment in psychiatry: a mountain of evidence indicates that psychosis and bipolar disorder (BD) are brain disorders with an array of thought, mood, cognition, and behavioral aberrations. Report Mar 1, 2013 860
Lab tests for psychiatric disorders: few clinicians are aware of them: the lack of laboratory tests to validate the clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia is widely accepted and lamented by psychiatric practitioners. In a recent survey I conducted on, most respondents guessed there are 3 known biomarkers for schizophrenia and 4 for major depression. Editorial Feb 1, 2013 913

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