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Nasal irrigation kit.

ActiveSinus, Inc., introduces its FDAb registered OTC saline nasal irrigation kit, ActiveSinus[TM]. The kit includes an irrigator with an offset, custom-molded nozzle and 60 packets of USP-grade sea salt (sodium chloride) and sodium bicar bonate for a buffered, pH-balanced saline solution.


The 6-oz, high-volume, low-pressure irrigator is easy to hold and promises significant improvements such as reduced incidence of patient complaints from "ear popping:' as the nozzle does not create such a tight seal in the nasal opening that it results in a vacuum that exerts pressure on the eustachian tube.

The irrigator also features a tubeless design. In other irrigation bottles, tubes can trap mold and bacteria, and broken tubes require replacement of the irrigator. With only a bottle and nozzle, the ActiveSinus irrigator is easy to clean. Also, because the irrigator is inverted during use, 100% of the solution is expelled, and none wasted. The offset, custom-molded nozzle gives the user more directional control.
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Title Annotation:PRODUCT MARKETPLACE; ActiveSinus, Inc., introduces saline nasal irrigation kit, ActiveSinus
Comment:Nasal irrigation kit.(PRODUCT MARKETPLACE)(ActiveSinus, Inc., introduces saline nasal irrigation kit, ActiveSinus)
Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:May 1, 2010
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