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Narcis Aprodu Diana Corjan, Bogdan C.S. Pirvu, Ibraileanu: Galceava intre cuget, simtire si trup.

Narcis Aprodu Diana Corjan, Bogdan C.S. Pirvu, Ibraileanu: Galceava intre cuget, simtire si trup

(Iasi: PIM. 2019)

By offering a symptomatic introspection into the mysteries of Garabet Ibraileanu's destiny, the authors of this panoramic volume present a brief pathological contextualization disposed on three axes (psychiatric--consciousness, neurological--feeling and somatic--body) as a reconsideration of four psychiatric comorbidities (schizotype, paranoid, anxiety, compulsive obsession) of the Romanian prose writer's life.

In preajma schizotipiei (Debate on Schizotypia) introduces the bizarre and eccentric, exaggerated and irrational manifestations of the schizotypic spectrum (paranoid ideology, extravagant clothing, overreacted social anxiety, and assignment of insignificant meanings, unnatural magical thinking, abnormal perceptual feelings, queer language, displaced affection or social isolation).

Being followed by these frequent impulses and images compulsively resumed in In pragul paranoidiei / On the Verge of Paranoia the literary symptomatology of Ibraileanu's disease is circumscribed to a medical narratology supported by unfounded suspicions, wicked upheavals and ripostes as a reaction to severe depression. Moreover, his distrust, the avoidance of self-destructive disclosure, grief, or pathological jealousy betray a self-destructive behavior that becomes a legitimized act of a patient who confesses his illness. It is interesting to note the authors' approach to constructing discourse on introspective analysis in attempts to encompass and fix Ibraileanu's writings dominated by mental disorders at different pathological levels.

In the chapter In orizontul anxietatii / On the Anxiety, Ibraileanu is "possessed by hypochondria" and "phobias", but also by an "insomnia" full of "troubles and anxiety", tormented by "sadness and sinister thoughts." This state of chronic anxiety and uncontrollable worries has a various etiology circumscribed not only to an unbridled inner fret, but also to a feverish anxiety amid a tired precipitation, sustained by a physical strain resulting from a sleepy and circadian arrhythmia, often associated with neurotic, stress, and somatoform disorders.

Against this background of his "native sensitivity" and the mind-body gap, he manifests profound suspicions in the chapter In capcana obsesiei / Trapped in Obsession. Here, the authors' appeal to reasoning turns Ibraileanu into an aggressive, violent, corrosive, often too brutal, and always ready to contradict or being obsessed by death person.

Feeling confused he collapses under the impulse of some phobias far beyond his powers to fight with in the last chapter Prin meandrele reticentei (Wandering around Reluctance). The conclusive considerations of the authors about Adela--as a portrait of the ideal woman (where the mental reality is clearly transformed according to his viewpoint, and the fictional being arises from mixing the "diseased speech" with that of being-in-love) leads this volume of psychological and discursive adaptation to overlapping several disorders of the anxiety spectrum and to the comorbidity of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The harsh reality of the disorder where the personal identity is presented as a process of depreciation is finally introduced.

Cristina-Georgiana Voicu, PhD. English teacher, Titu Maiorescu School. Iasi, Romania;
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Author:Voicu, Cristina-Georgiana
Publication:Romanian Journal of Artistic Creativity
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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