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Naps Begone! "Hey, you five-year-olds, wake up! It's time to get ready for your test.".

That's how the Sarasota, Florida, Herald-Tribune led its report on what may be the latest trend in kindergarten education: no naps. Turns out Alabama kindergartners have to take a standardized test this year, which means the golden time for 40 winks may well be endangered.

The tests apparently evaluate kindergartners on naming and pronouncing the sounds of letters and are designed to take a minute. The Gadsden, Alabama, superintendent reportedly told the newspaper that the recommendation to stop kindergarten napping hailed from the state, but he later clarified to say it came from the "testing people." Whatever. The important point, says Rebecca White, spokesperson for State School Superintendent Ed Richardson, is that Alabama is definitely not anti-nap. And in any event, the tests are required under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Not quite so. The new law requires testing starting in grade three. But many districts are testing children early to see who's going to have trouble later.

Gadsden, though, seems flexible. Children who get sleepy get the special privilege of resting their heads on their desks.

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