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Napoleon's empire.

Like every great conqueror, Napoleon changed the map of his world. At the height of his power, Napoleon controlled, through conquest or alliances, an area that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean into the Russian Empire.

The Emperor of France was not actually French. He was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica, which France had purchased the year before from the Italian city-state of Genoa. Napoleon's parents were members of noble Italian families.

Napoleon seized power in 1799, and crowned himself "Emperor of the French" in 1804. In addition to being an excellent administrator, he was one of the greatest military commanders of all time. By 1812, his empire covered most of Europe, as this map shows.

Nonetheless, Napoleon's empire was short-lived. After his crushing defeat at Waterloo in 1815, he was sent into exile, where he died in 1821. The victorious powers, meeting at the Congress of Vienna in 1814-1815, redrew the map of Europe, returning many European kings to power.

Study the map of Napoleon's empire, then answer the questions.
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