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Napkin rings call for a little geometry ... and not much else.

Napkin rings call for a little geometry . . . and not much else Colorful plain geometry isn't a new course in mathematics, but rather an apt description for these easy-to-make napkin rings. Perhaps the simplest woodworking project we've ever shown, these rings are perfect idea for a gift you can make quickly during the harried holidays. They require minimal skill, little time, and hardly any materials, and can be made by just about anyone in the family.

A 2-foot length of 1-by-6 clear pine or any other clear, smooth wood is enough to make six rings. Start by drawing a square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, equilateral triangle, and righ triangle on the wood. Since you'll be drilling a 1-inch-diameter hole through the center, make sure your geometric shapes are large enough for at least a 1/2-inch border of wood around the hole. Our circle ring measures 2-3/8 inches in diameter, for instance.

To drill the hole, use an electric drill with a spade or Forstner bit. To keep the wood from splintering as the blade pushes through the back, clamp or tack a piece of scrap wood beneath it, or else turn the wood over to finish the hole. Cut out the shapes after the holes have been drilled.

San each ring smooth, slightly rounding all edges and corners. To sand the holes, wrap sandpaper around a 7/8-inch piece of doweling or roll up a sheet of sandpaper so it just fits through the hole.

To give the rings their colorful finish, we first sealed the wood with two coats of acrylic primer, sanding after each coat, then added a final coat of acrylic paint (sold in small bottles at hobby shops). For added protection, finish the rings with high-gloss clear acrylic varnish.
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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