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Naomoto Corporation.

Multijeans finisher NMF-230FY-T

Carousal system innovation by Naomoto ensures higher productivity with additional new size control functions.

1. Closed finishing room can keep high temperature and steam that leads to higher finishing quality. Elastic pants can be finished as well as jeans and cotton pants.

2. Comfortable clean working conditions by Hot Air Recycling

3. Easy pants loading

Features to be considered:

Automatic tension opening for jeans and cotton pants as well as automatic tension free for elastic pants.

Big size/elastic pants can be held by the pants holding device in case the waist band cannot be supplied with strong tension by air pressure.

Hip expansion plate finishes beautifully for back silhouette.

Cuff Clamp can be fixed flexibly at any position for pants lengthwise. (Shorts/Half Pants/Long pants: Range: 320mm to 1,260mm)

Rotation Stage enables operator to load next material while the operation is processing.

When the waist plate is opened by air pressure, air supply is automatically cut off at the position of pants size. In short, the waist size remains unchanged.

After the cuff-clamping device goes down to stretch the pants, the clamp automatically comes up and remove the stretch tension.Any different size of pants can be finished without expansion.

Length tension adjustment can be used for stretching pants more depends on materials.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
Date:Nov 30, 2012
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