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Nanostructure design; methods and protocols.


Nanostructure design; methods and protocols.

Ed. by Ehud Gazit and Ruth Nussinov.

Humana Press Inc.


267 pages



Methods in molecular biology; 474


These 12 articles on experimental and computational approaches to nano-structured design address include significant new information on the molecular design of performance proteins with repetitive sequences. Other topics include hybrid nanorods made from sequences of natural trimeric fibrous proteins using the fibritin trimerization motif, the Leucine zipper as a building block for self assembled protein fibers, biomimetic synthesis of biomorphic nanostructures, synthesis and primary characterization of self assembled peptide-based hydrogels,and the assembly of nanospecies on repetitive DNA sequences generated on gold nanoparticles by rolling circle amplification. Computational approach topics include protocols for the design of RNA nanostructures, self-assembly of fused homo-oligomers to create nanotubes, computational methods in nano-structured design, replica exchange simulations of self-assembled peptides, amyloid fibroid formation models, computer modeling in biotechnology, and what can we learn from highly connected beta rich structures in structural interface design.

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