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Nanomaterials Wins DoD Funding for Fuel Cell Development.

Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation (NDC) recently announced that next year's Defense Department budget will contain $2.5-million earmarked for NDC to produce new nanotechnology-based fuel cells for combat use.

According to NDC, the company will work with the Army Material Command at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey to develop, among other technologies, fuel cells for portable power devices that run on high-energy materials like propellants and explosives.

"The Department of Defense is one of the largest customers for energy storage and delivery devices, and we are delighted that Congress has elected to support this important and innovative project," said NDC president and CEO Don Montgomery. "NDC and our partners at Picatinny Arsenal are uniquely positioned to leverage this new class of nanotechnology-based fuel cells to support the needs of the DoD."

Contact: Don Montgomery, NDC, phone, 307-721-2342, website

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
Date:Aug 27, 2004
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