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Nanobiotix completes review of NBTXR3 treatment of six patients.

(SeeNews) - Nov 13, 2012 - French nanomedicine company Nanobiotix (EPA:NANO) has successfully completed the review of the first six patients treated with advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma drug NBTXR3.

The treatment, which proved the feasibility of the injection of NBTXR3 and its activation by radiotherapy, was part of the phase I Study of the medicament, Nanobiotix said in a statement today.

The Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) has recommended continuing the enrollment in the study treatment and found no evidence of local or general toxicity, Nanobiotix said.

As part of the study, NBTXR3 is administered to the patients by a single intra-tumor injection, followed by standard radiotherapy as pre-operative treatment.

NBTXR3, the lead compound of Nanobiotix's NanoXray product pipeline, is a nanoparticle formulation of hafnium oxide crystals for the local treatment of tumors to enhance the efficiency of radiotherapy.
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Publication:SeeNews Austria
Date:Nov 13, 2012
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