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NanoGram Corporation Announces Planar Optical Coating Technology; New Technology is the Most Rapid and Most Versatile Coating Process for Optical Thick Films.

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FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 26, 2001

NanoGram Corp. today announced the commercialization of a new nanomaterials-based process technology for the rapid deposition of high-quality planar optical thick films. Key aspects of the company's technology and materials capability were highlighted in oral presentations and papers delivered by Dr. Sean Bi, co-founder and VP of Research at NanoGram, at the Asia Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications Conference and Exhibition (APOC) held last week in Beijing, China.

Dr. Bi highlighted the development and deployment of Laser Reactive Deposition (LRD) processing as the most rapid and most versatile coating process for optical thick films (multi micron). He noted that this technology represents a fundamental advance for the development and commercialization of low cost planar optical components, especially for metro and access applications.

"This technology marks a new chapter in the quest to dramatically reduce costs while increasing functionality of planar optical components," noted Dr. Bi. "While current processes are simply adaptations of existing commercial technologies from other industries, LRD processing has been uniquely developed for planar thick optical films applications," he explained. Dr. Bi highlighted the ability of LRD processing to uniquely produce complex, multi-dopant active and passive compositions for glass on silicon -- and to produce them at rates that are orders of magnitude more rapid than existing processes.

Dr. Bi's presentations, entitled "High Throughput Planar Glass Coating using Laser Reactive Deposition (LRD(TM))," and "Synthesis of Nanoscale Optical Materials using Nano Particle Manufacturing (NPM) Technology," were delivered Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001 at APOC.

About NanoGram Corp.

NanoGram Corp., founded in 1996, is a recognized leader in nanomaterials synthesis, processing, and application development. The company has developed the only commercial manufacturing process capable of producing the full complement of active and passive silica glass materials used to produce optical amplifiers, waveguide lasers and passive planar waveguides. The company's customer-engineered chip solutions uniquely enable integration of active amplification and filtering functions into planar waveguide product platforms.

Strategic investors include NEC, ABB and Dow Corning. The company's web site is at NanoGram, LRD, and NPM are trademarks of NanoGram Corp.
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Date:Nov 26, 2001
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