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Nanny knows best: Patrick Breen plays the gay nanny who helps Kevin Hill become a capable single parent.

When high-powered, skirt-chasing attorney Kevin Hill (played by Rent's Taye Diggs) becomes the unwilling adoptive parent of his dead cousin's infant daughter, he finds himself leaving his big-shot firm to work in a small office of female lawyers and relying on iris gay nanny, George Weiss (Patrick Breen), to keep his life afloat. In short, Kevin's about to start learning life lessons from "a trifecta of people who wouldn't be in his life," according to Kevin Hill creator and co-executive producer Jorge Reyes.

While acknowledging that his character gets some of the UPN series's juiciest lines, Breen hopes that George is allowed some rough edges. "Jorge describes George as the Donna Reed of the show, giving the 'wife's' point of view, but I don't want him to be perfect. He's smart, but he'll have issues and problems with his boss, who's not, at the beginning, a very good parent to this kid."

Reyes based the character on his close friend George Weiss, an out actor in Los Angeles. "He's a wonderful guy," raves Reyes, "just a kind, giving soul--and funny too. He never takes any shit from anyone."

But will the nanny have a love life of his own, or will he be another in a line of TV's wisecracking gay eunuchs? "They're discussing a story line where George meets another single guy at a 'Mommy and Me' class," says Breen. "I want George to get laid. Please!"
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Title Annotation:Fall Television Preview
Author:Duralde, Alonso
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Sep 28, 2004
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