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Nannies in a state; Who's Looking After Your Child? ITV, 9.00pm.

FIVE years ago, Yorkshire TV shocked the public with secret footage that showed nannies abusing the children in their care - in 2003 little has changed.

Nannies are still unregulated and children are still being harmed and even killed by those employed to look after them.

In Who's Looking After Your Child? families in America and Britain describe how the people they had trusted to care for their children betrayed that trust.

The documentary features shocking new footage from America that reveals just what goes on behind closed doors, and the tragic stories of two British families who were failed by the childminding system.

In a stunt, three couples are challenged to interview three girls posing as nannies.

Their CVs are rigged with clues, and only one is a real nanny.

Can they pick her out, or will they choose the inexperienced or unqualified girls instead?

In America, covert surveillance cameras known as nannycams are big business as concerned parents seek assurance that their children are being properly cared for.

British parents Marie and Peter Bourke had no suspicions their three- month-old daughter Emily was at risk from her nanny. The couple made sure their minder Shirley Clemons was registered and checked all references.

A few months after Shirley started, Peter got a call to say that Emily had suffered a fit and a paramedic was attending to her at a neighbour of Shirley's.

When Peter got there, Emily was gasping for breath and her eyes were rolling back.

At the hospital she was christened immediately as she went for a brain scan and the doctors confirmed Emily had been shaken.

The violence left Emily with severe and permanent damage - she's now almost blind and needs 24 hour care.

The police said that Shirley had admitted to shaking Emily. At trial, she was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment.

Walking With Cavemen

BBC1, 8.00pm

TWO MILLION years ago was a crossroads in human evolution.

Half a dozen or more different species of ape-men existed alongside one another.

This episode follows the lives of two species - Paranthropus boisei and Homo habilis.

Although heavy-set, with distinctive, gorilla-like faces, the boisei are gentle characters.

They live within a strict social structure and are led by a dominant male whose strength and power holds the group together.

They have adapted brilliantly to the tough conditions.

The habilis have taken a different approach. They are a jack-of-all-trades - inquisitive scavengers prepared to try almost anything to survive. However, the habilis also have a secret weapon. They have come to use brain power.


BBC2, 9.00pm

HORIZON makes a fabulous journey deep into some of the most spectacular underground caverns on Earth.

Teams of scientists venture into a subterranean landscape of dangerous gases and vast chasms to discover revealing new insights into the origins of life.

Carlsbad Caverns and Lechuguilla Canyon are two of the most magnificent natural rock formations in the world.

Carlsbad's Big Room is 750-ft below the ground, the height of a 30-storey building and the size of six football fields.

Lechuguilla has been mapped for more than 100 miles and is home to places such as Freak-Out Traverse, Death Pit and Chasm Drop. But these caves are more than just wonders, they are also a geological puzzle.


The People's Book Of Records, Ch4, 11.45pm No more attention seekers, please
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Date:Mar 29, 2003
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