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Nancy Garden.

Writes gay-friendly books for kids and young adults

Authors Nancy Garden and Judy Blume have a few things in common: Both have written about homosexuality for young adults and children, fought censorship, and found their books awarded with praise, of a sort--book burnings. "I would not win if there was a contest," Garden says with a laugh. "I've only had one book burned and two books challenged." It was the openly lesbian Garden's 1982 tome Annie on My Mind that was doused in gasoline and torched in front of the Kansas City school board building in 1993 by a fundamentalist minister who was protesting the donations of gay-positive books to area schools and libraries. Since then Garden's children's and young adults' books have remained unscorched, including last year's Holly's Secret, the story of a girl with lesbian moms who moves to another town and, hoping to avoid leasing from other kids, decides to pretend she has a "normal" family instead.

But what if someone gets pyromaniacal next year, when Garden's young "sleuths with lesbian moms" series, Candlestone Inn Mysteries, debuts? "Sasha Alyson once said the rise in soles that sometimes results from censorship is the silver lining in the cloud," notes Garden, who's been partnered for 32 years. "Which is a good way to put it, because you don't really ever lose sight of the cloud."
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Title Annotation:author of children's and young adults books
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Aug 14, 2001
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