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Naming towns requires imagination. (My Answer).

When it comes to giving towns strange and unusual names, no one can say Americans lack imagination.

Think about Knockemstiff, Ohio, and Bugtussle, Rabbit Hash and Monkeys Eyebrow, Ky.

Then there's Car A, Scarface, Slide Inn and Top of the World, Calif.; Hot Coffee and Whynot, Miss.; Left hand, W. Va.; Nine Times, S.C.; Toad Hop, Ind.; Bumblebee, Ariz.; and Truth or Consequences and Pie Town, N.M.

America's town-namers drew their inspiration from a variety of ideas, moods, foods, events and even from the automobiles.

You can drive your car to Detour and Accident, Md., Dent, Minn., and Flat, Texas. But make sure your tank is filled before you reach Gasoline, Texas, because there's no service station there.

If you're on a diet, it might be wise to avoid Sandwich, Ill.; Strawberry, Ark.; Gnaw Bone, Ind.; Oleo, Calif.; Chews, NJ.; Cookie Town, Okla.; and Veal, Ga.

Down in the dumps? Try Blessing, Comfort, Content, or Jolly, Texas. Or maybe you'd prefer Sunshine, La.

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Author:La Mance, Thomas
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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