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Names in the News.

Maureen Blanchfield Bellantoni named CFO at Burger King World Wide Headquarters (Southern Florida Chapter)

Adrian J. Bourne named an associate at Russell Reynolds Associates (New York City Chapter)

Kelyn Brannon named CFO at Fort Point Partners Inc. (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)

Anthony T. Brausen named VP and CFO at Tennant Co. (Twin Cities Chapter)

Jack Burns named director of treasury at Dollar Financial Group Inc. (Philadelphia Chapter)

Avery W. Catlin named SVP and CFO at Avant Immunotherapeutics (Boston Chapter)

Norman W. Gorin named CFO and principal at Analysis Group Inc. (Boston Chapter)

William R. Graber named SVP and CFO at McKesson HBOC, Inc. (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)

Joy C. Hartman named CEO and president at Science Dynamics Corp. (Philadelphia Chapter)

Karl D. Hawkins named CFO at Superior Micropowders (New Mexico Chapter)

Harry T. Hawks named executive vice president and CFO at Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc. (New York City Chapter)

Linda Helbig named VP, finance and administration, and CFO at Eight O'Clock Coffee (New Jersey Chapter)

Timothy N. Jenson named executive vice president and CFO at Merisel, Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)

Jeffrey B. Levos named VP and controller at Cooper Industries (Houston Chapter)

Lisa P. McAlister named CFO at LavaStorm, Inc. (Boston Chapter)

Edward D. Postal named executive vice president and CFO at Cidera, Inc. (District of Columbia Chapter)

Gregory Sessler named CFO at Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (Washington State Chapter)

Lawrence B. Skatoff named executive vice president and CFO at Borg-Warner, Inc. (Chicago Chapter)

Colin L. Slade named VP and CFO at Tektronix (Portland Chapter)

George E. Sperzel, Jr. named SVP and CFO at Alliant Exchange, Inc. (Chicago Chapter)

William J. Stanners, Jr. named SVP and CFO at Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc. (Portland Chapter)

Dennis A. Starliper named group manager and CFO at Provident Bank of Maryland (Baltimore Chapter)

Harvey S. Traison named SVP and CFO at LaBranche & Co. Inc. (New York City Chapter)

Joseph J. Troy named executive vice president and CFO at Gold Standard Multimedia (Tampa Bay Chapter)

Sandford T. Waddell named CFO at Vsource Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)

Jeffrey A. Weber named CFO at Gensym Corp. (Boston Chapter)


The last issue of Financial Executive reported that Greg Maffei (Washington State Chapter), former CFO at Microsoft, was named CFO at 360networks (formerly Worldwide Fiber). In fact, Maffei is president and CEO of 360networks.

Goldman Appointed to Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council

Kenneth A. Goldman (Santa Clara Valley Chapter), senior vice president and OFO at Excite@Home, is one of nine professionals newly appointed to the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council. The one-year appointments were made by the board of trustees of the Financial Accounting Foundation. The Advisory Council is comprised of over 30 prominent individuals, including academics, preparers, auditors and users of financial statements. The Council consults with the members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board on agenda issues, project priorities, policies and procedures and other matters as requested.
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Names in the News.
names in the NEWS.
Names in the News.

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