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NameProtect Introduces Brand Aware Report to Provide Companies with Insight into their Brand's Health.

Report Provides Affordable Way to Watch the Real-World Online Marketplace in Real Time

MADISON, Wis. -- NameProtect, the only company that offers a full spectrum of services to manage the life cycle of a brand in today's digital economy, today announced the availability of the Brand Aware Report. The Brand Aware Report is an affordable advanced online brand monitoring product that provides a one-time snapshot of online activity posing an immediate threat to a company's brand.

For the first time ever and for just under $1000, any company without a brand management program can take an in-depth look at the health of their brand online. Companies that already have brand monitoring in place get an inexpensive reality-check on whether their current program is working.

Based on NameProtect's advanced proprietary technology and analyst expertise, the Brand Aware Report evaluates only relevant occurrences of online abuse such as trademark infringement, trademark dilution, domain name abuse, traffic diversion, brand disparagement, offensive content and false affiliation/endorsement, and provides an "actionable sample" instead of a data dump.

"At this point virtually every Fortune 2,000 company has moved to an e-commerce model, and 'the new consumers' show a preference for online shopping and general self-service models," said Malia Horine, General Manager of Digital Brand Management Services for NameProtect. "However, cybercrime continues to escalate and become ever so sophisticated, endangering the very life of brands online. Our new report allows any company, small or global, to receive a complete picture of how their treasured brand is doing and take immediate action if necessary."

NameProtect was founded because its executives saw the dramatic effect that the Internet and the digital marketplace would have on brands. NameProtect is truly "of the Internet Age" -- not only because of the sophisticated Internet data search and mining technology but also because of the human experts who help companies work "on Internet time" by further refining the results of the initial search.

Whether it involves trademark screening and research for new brand creation and brand expansion, ongoing watching and monitoring for brand maintenance and protection or brand audit reporting for periodic brand checks or specific issue management, NameProtect provides a comprehensive suite of services that supports the continual life cycle of a brand.

Trademark Screening

During the brand creation phase, NameProtect's online trademark screening platform allows practitioners to efficiently screen numerous naming possibilities on a global scale.

Trademark Research

Once the screening process has honed the list of naming possibilities to a select grouping, NameProtect's global trademark research services provide a fast, easy and efficient way for practitioners to electronically review NameProtect's industry-leading search reports, collaborate with colleagues and share results, streamlining the process of trademark clearance and brand introduction.

Brand and Trademark Watching

NameProtect understands that policing brands in the Internet Age requires a comprehensive watching solution that encompasses both newly filed trademark applications and activities in the Internet space. Our watching solutions include Trademark Watch, Domain Name Watch and Paid for Placement Ad Watch, all of which are delivered via dynamic and secure online interfaces with advanced reporting functionality.

Digital Brand Monitoring

As brands gain consumer recognition, their level of exposure online increases. With millions of web pages created each day, organizations need robust, technology-based solutions to help them proactively monitor and manage their brands online to keep up with the Internet's tremendous growth. NameProtect's Digital Brand Monitoring services - from Brand Protection, to Compliance to Counterfeit & Auction Monitoring - combine proprietary technology and Intellectual Property expertise to tame the Internet, helping you proactively monitor and manage your brands online.

Digital Brand Optimization

As brands mature, new possibilities for brand optimization present themselves. Brands can be revitalized and re-introduced in their existing markets, expanded into new markets, leveraged as a starting point for the creation of new brands, remain the same or even retired to make way for a new brand. With the Internet now leading the way as the number one source of consumer research during the purchasing process, online monitoring of your brand, products and market has become more and more vital. NameProtect can help identify ways to extend and leverage the brand name with our Digital Brand Optimization solutions.

About NameProtect

NameProtect, a digital brand management company, provides a comprehensive suite of trademark clearance and advanced monitoring services that support the entire life cycle of a brand in today's digital economy. From creation to growth, maturity and optimization, only NameProtect has the technological innovation and Intellectual Property expertise to assist companies to monitor their brands every step of the way.

Founded in 1997, NameProtect assists its customers, which include leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies and other business worldwide, in meeting the evolving challenges of protecting brand assets in today's global economy.
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Date:Nov 6, 2006
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