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Name the Year.

FOR our picture puzzle each day we take a shot from The Journal archives, giving you a bit of a clue and asking you to name the year the picture was taken.

Today's picture shows protesting fishermen at Blyth with their meagre catch, but in what year? The answer is given below with the solutions to the quizzes.

Guess the Year pictures are often available for purchase. Call our |photosales team on 0191 201 6001 or visit who what where when? WHO... was the Soviet leader under whom "glasnost" was |introduced? WHAT... is an "MVO"? | WHERE... is the most populous city in the USA? | WHEN... were the Birmingham Six convicted? | remember when...

The following events all occurred in a year in living memory.

Can you guess the year? 1. Michael Stipe was born 2. Vincent Price starred in House Of Usher 3. Elvis Presley had a U.K. No.1 single with It's Now Or Never 4. The Government gave the go-ahead for betting shops to open wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean? AQUARELLE A Type of sea anemone B Method of etching on copper C Water-colour painting who am I? An actress, I was born in New York in 1918. My real name was Margarita Carmen Cansino, and some legends say that the Margarita cocktail was named after me. I was the daughter of a Spanish dancer, and went on to wow audiences with my dancing in film musicals such as You'll Never Get Rich and Pal Joey.

Hayworth Rita I: AM WHO answers Cwordwise: 1960 WHEN: REMEMBER 1975 York; New Order; Victorian Royal the of Member Gorbachev; Mikhail WHEN: WHERE WHAT WHO 1990 YEAR: THE NAME

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Date:Oct 22, 2015
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