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Name 'em, shame 'em: DOB bad guy list.

The New York City Department of Buildings just released its first-ever monthly enforcement report, which details the agency's actions to sanction and deter bad actors in the construction industry.

The report is the first installment in what will be monthly summaries on DOB-imposed disciplinary actions, including issuing fines, license suspensions and revocations.

"Contractors and other construction professionals who threaten public and worker safety should take warning--you're not only risking heavy fines, but we're also going to be calling you out publicly," said Buildings Commissioner Rick D. Chandler, PE.

"We're modernizing DOB to increase transparency in everything we do, including the disciplinary actions we take against those who put others in harm's way."

In December 2017, DOB's Legal & Regulatory Affairs Unit took more than 130 disciplinary actions against bad actors in the building trades, including:

* $120,000 in fines issued to 12 different individuals for failure to carry out duties as construction superintendents.

* $ 180,000 in fines issued for failure to safeguard construction sites at 18 different locations.

* A total of $265,400 in fines, including daily penalties, issued for illegal building alterations at 14 different locations.

* A total of $214,850 fines, including daily penalties, issued for illegal transient use of buildings at 7 different locations.

* Seven hearings scheduled with the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings for the illegal use of properties for the storage of commercial construction materials, dead vehicles, and commercial automobile repair facilities.

During December 2017, $37,500 in fines issued to contractor Dvir Mog 18, Inc., after a worker fell and was injured at a construction site at 2881 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. The contractor was also disciplined for failing to report the incident to DOB.

$25,000 in fines issued to contractor New Line Structures, after a worker fell through a hole on a roof deck at 26-01 1st Street in Queens. The worker was not utilizing proper safety equipment and plywood covering holes in the deck was not properly secured.

As a result of DOB violations and the issuance of a criminal summons, the owner of a synagogue at 1227 47th Street in Brooklyn was ordered to pay $22,500 in fines for violating various stop work and full vacate orders by continuing to assemble in a structurally unsound building.

$40,000 in fines issued to 2259 Richmond Avenue LLC for displaying illegal advertising signage on a busy Staten Island roadway.

The two-year suspension of full filing privileges, and starting in March 2018, the permanent revocation of the professional certification and Directive 14 privileges of Russell Dance, PE, for illegally filing professionally certified applications with DOB while on probation.

$10,000 in fines and a one-year probation period issued to licensed site safety manager Henry Marina for submitting false documents for a site-safety training program.

Caption: DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler

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