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Nalbach launches new auger filler.

Expanding on its product solutions for dispensing powders, granulars, and flakes, Nalbach Engineering Company is releasing an auger filling system, the "S" series, designed specifically for manual, batch filling, applications. The "S" series is designed for low volume, batch applications and applications in which the density of the product varies significantly. The system incorporates a scale to provide actual weight feedback to the filler and uses two fills per container. The first fill dispenses 90-95% (user programmable) of the target weight and the second "top-off" fill is based on the actual calculated product density of the first fill. This system monitors the product density on each and every fill providing superior fill accuracies to 1/10th of one percent.

Unlike "bulk and dribble" systems in which the first "bulk" fill is followed by slow series of "dribble" fills until the target weight is met, the Nalbach system's "top off" fill is a single fast fill. The filler's control panel performs all set-up and operation of the entire system. This "HMI" panel is an intuitive, icon-based, graphical user interface with touch screen and comes standard with all Nalbach Servo Driven Auger Fillers.

Nalbach Engineering Company, Inc., 621 East Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL 60525. Tel: (1)(708) 579-9100, Fax: (1)(708) 579-0122, E-mail: eatwell@nalbach. com, Website:
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Date:Jan 20, 2005
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