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Nairobi ranked best performing urban area, followed by Nakuru.

Nairobi was yesterday ranked as the best performing Kenyan urban area in the latest performance index.

The Kenya urban performance index report 2017 gave the capital a score of 63, followed by Nakuru with a score of 56.

Eldoret was ranked third at 55.7, while Mombasa scored 55.1.

Machakos came in distant fifth at 53.9, while Kisumu was sixth garnering 47.6.

The overall urban area performance index mean score is 55.2, implying acceptable performance by all the six urban areas in service delivery, friendly investment environment and prudent use of resources.

Institute of Economic Affairs public finance management programme officer John Mutua said the performance index is based on 67 questions (indicators), which were administered to government officials.

The report shows how the six largest urban centre performed in service delivery, conditions for investments and governance.

For each indicator, a maximum score of 100 points was awarded to an urban area with the best performance and zero to the least performing.

It is expected that 50 percent of Kenya's population will be urbanized by 2030 as opposed to an urbanization rate of 34 percent in 2011.

The data used to compute the scores for each urban area in the study was, however, based on 2015.

Under the conditions for residents, Nairobi scored 69.4, while Nakuru scored 68.4.

"Machakos scored 63, Mombasa 61, Eldoret 60.1 and Kisumu 55.8," Mutua said.

On water supply, Nakuru topped with a score of 88.7, Eldoret came second with 79.9, while Nairobi had 79.7.

Mutua said Kisumu had 72.6, Mombasa 57.3, while Machakos scored 56.3. The average performance score was 72.4.

Nakuru's performance is attributed to the fact that 90 per cent of households had water and paid paltry Sh28 for water consumption of 0-6 cubic metres.

Besides, residents are also guaranteed of 17 hours water supply per day.

Mutua said Eldoret's performance was wanting as 72 per cent of households had water supply at Sh62 for every 0-6 cubic meters.

"In Nairobi, water tariffs had been hiked by the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company from Sh187.10 to Sh204 for every 0-6 cubic meters consumed. Unaccounted water is 38 per cent,"he said.

Kisumu guarantees its residents 24-hour water supply, despite covering only 68 per cent of households.

Under solid waste management sub-cluster, Nairobi, Mombasa and Eldoret collected waste twice a week, while the rest only did once.

Machakos scored 50 in transport as "it has a well-organized route network", followed by Nairobi at 42.

Mombasa scored 42, Nakuru 33, Kisumu 27, while Eldoret scored 21. The average score was 35.8.

On safety and disaster management, Nairobi scored 88, Mombasa 77, Kisumu 73, while Eldoret scored 62.

Nakuru scored 51, while Machakos scored 50. The average score was 66.8.

Nairobi tops due to street lightning and existence of emergency telephone lines.

In education, Eldoret scored 100 in the award whose average is 79.9.

It did well as it ECDE plan, polytechnics covered in education policy and lowest pupil to ECDE center ratio.

Nairobi came second with score of 97, Machakos 91, Nakuru 78, Kisumu 63 and Mombasa 50.

Mombasa was ranked first in health cluster, with a score of 86 as a result of high number medical personnel and increased funding of health sector followed by Machakos at 79 and Nakuru with 78.

Nairobi scored 65, Eldoret 60 and Kisumu 50.

Under social care, Machakos scored 78 due to improved social welfare kitty for women groups and persons living with disabilities.

Similarly, it has unemployment rate of 9.4 per cent against an average of 12.3 per cent.

Nakuru followed with a score of 58, Nairobi 53, Mombasa 49, Kisumu 40 and Eldoret 27 in awards whose average is 50.8.

Mombasa scored 46.5 under the conditions for investment with Eldoret scoring 46.3.

Nairobi and Nakuru scored 42.9, Kisumu 31.3, while Machakos scored 29.4.

Nakuru scored 89, making it the most tax-friendly urban area followed by Eldoret with 78.

Machakos scored 67,Kisumu 64, Nairobi 56, while Mombasa scored 56 in awards whose average is 68.1.

In investments and trade, Mombasa scored 43 as it only take 41 days to register property mainly due to automation followed by Nairobi scoring 37.

Mombasa also had the highest number of building permits compared to Nairobi.

Nairobi scored 65.7 under the principle of good governance while Machakos scored 55.

Eldoret was third with a score of 54.9.

Kisumu scored 94 on asset management attributed to having least ownership in assets considered non-core followed by Eldoret with a score of 75.

Machakos and Nairobi scored 66.

Under budget, Nairobi scored 58,attributed to high revenue collection.

However, Nairobi did not meet the 30 percent fiscal rule threshold for development.

Administratively, Nairobi scored 74 as it keeps staff register available to the public.

The report want county government to establish urban areas structures as provided urban areas and cities act.

It also good governance put in place among other recommendations.
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