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Nailing cost of botched DIY jobs.

DIY is giving way to DFY (Done for You) as the British love affair with painting and decorating and home improvements looks to be waning.

Almost half the people surveyed by Woolwich mortgages, admitted they don't actually like DIY. And an overwhelming 75 per cent said they are fed up with watching makeover/DIY programmes on television.

Lack of time (40 per cent) and fear of botching it (37 per cent) were the most common reasons that respondents gave for giving up on DIY.

Instead, seven in ten of the country's homeowners would rather employ a tradesman, or at least consider it, before undertaking any DIY, with tiling, painting and decorating making the top ten list of jobs where people feel they should employ an expert.

Jobs considered best left to the experts are electrics (65 per cent), plumbing (63 per cent), home extensions (59 per cent), installing a new kitchen and bathroom (58 per cent) and carpeting (53 per cent).

The research also looked at the percentage of DIY tasks that go unfinished and revealed that a fifth of painting and decorating jobs don't get completed, followed by landscaping the garden at 14 per cent.

Andy Gray, head of mortgages for Woolwich, said: "It seems that the phrase "time is money" applies to the UK's new DFYers.

"Home improvements can make a tangible difference to the value of peoples homes, but a bad standard of work can actually drag the price down.

"Savvy buyers can often see through botched DIY jobs, meaning that sellers will either need to drop the price or employ an expert to re-do the task."
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 12, 2007
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