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Nail treatments riding wave of innovation.

NEW YORK -- New formulations are helping to make the nail treatments segment one of the fastest-growing areas of nail care.

According to Information Resources Inc. (IRI), sales of nail treatments increased 22.2% in the mass market and 30.2% in drug stores in the past year.

The strong performance in the segment is causing more suppliers to join the market and leading established players to extend their established lines.

In addition, those in the industry say, retailers are putting emphasis on the products as a way to attract shoppers to their nail care sections.

"The nail treatments category is up, and it is because manufacturers are continuing to offer products that promote nail treatment and retailers are continuing to display counter units to create promotional sales," notes Dunnan Edell, president and chief operating officer of CCA Industries Inc., which markets a line of treatments under the Nutra Nail name.

Recently, for example, CCA extended the line with a new growth treatment and added Advanced Formulas, a new line of treatments that Edell says includes new ingredients that will help users improve their natural nails.

Because of the double-digit growth that nail treatments have seen over the past year, such suppliers as CCA are urging retailers to take advantage of the segment's popularity.

"Retailers should expand the treatments area to offer more choice to customers and organize the sections on their peg walls a little better to announce the different brands," Edell says.

"Such lines as Nutra Nail bring customers into the stores because of television advertising," he notes. "Other lines have a professional draw that brings consumers into mass retail stores."

For instance, all of the products in the treatments segment's top-selling drug store brand--Nailtique Cosmetic Corp.'s 12-SKU Nailtique line--have a salon heritage.

Similarly, Woodward Laboratories Inc., which has also established a reputation in the salon industry with its Dr. G's Clear Nail antimicrobial solution and whose Mycodid treatments are the No. 2 brand in drug stores, recently took three Dr. G's nail treatments to the retail market. They are the first three items under the Dr. G's label to go into retail.

Dr. G's Liquid Diamond all-natural nail treatment is a strengthener, a spokeswoman explains. It is odorless and is formulated with natural hardeners from the myrrh tree and mimosa plant. "Consumers who want a nail strengthener with natural ingredients now have an alternative to the bottle-and-brush, petroleum-based topcoats with strong odors," she says.

Dr. G's Whiter Nails is aimed at the growing number of women who prefer natural nails, the spokeswoman notes. "Women wanting natural-looking nails, or aging baby boomers who may have yellow nails, can whiten their nails instantly with this two-part advanced whitening system," the spokeswoman says.

The third product, Dr. G's 3-in-1 Cuticle Healer, is said to be the first cuticle product that helps heal, condition and remove cuticles. Whereas most products in this segment either remove or condition cuticles, Cuticle Healer does both while also preventing infection because of its antimicrobial formula.

Meanwhile, Del Laboratories Inc. continues to add treatment products to its Sally Hansen line.

Among the latest are four items formulated with multivitamins and soy proteins.

The new Sally Hansen Vitamin Nail Treatments include Grow Nails Now, said to visibly lengthen nails in five days; Strengthen Nails Now, a formula that instantly builds stronger and harder nails; Smooth Cuticles Now, a product to remove and smooth rough cuticles in seconds; and Health Cuticles Now, a formula for hydrating cuticles and strengthening nails.
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Date:Sep 11, 2006
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