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Nadra offices become corruption hub.

Byline: Ali Asghar

The Nadra offices at Kutchehry Road and City Railway Crossing have become the hubs of corruption as the officials do not listen to the citizens' problems until they are paid hush money through middlemen. I witnessed the applicants decried as the officials treat them rudely and do not pay heed to their complaints. They said that the office has become a corruption hub due to officials' lethargy to perform duty 'without bribe.' They said that they have to deal with grade-4 officials first and then the clerks who, they added, are always lethargic to ensure solution to their complaints. "The clerks do not even bother to listen to their problems and ask them to come the other day," they alleged. The reason behind their lethargy is to force the complainant pay them money through their agents whom they hire to act as middlemen, they added.

People alleged that the high-ups are also involved in corruption, adding that they do not visit the office and use the junior staff as agents or middlemen to mint money. They said that they protested against the staff's corruption and submitted complaints to the officers' concerned but in vain.

I demanded concerned authorities to look into the grave situation and order stern action against the corrupt officials.

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Date:Jan 31, 2018
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