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Nabholz deal smells like acquisition, not merger.

Nabholz Deal Smells Like Acquisition, Not Merger

A diplomatic news release, providing news about the marriage of Nabholz Construction at Conway and KA Industries at Rogers, notes the two companies are merging.

But a closer look indicates the deal is more of an acquisition for Nabholz.

In fact, Ken Ewing, who founded KA, reportedly is planning to phase himself out of the new company over several years so that he can devote himself entirely to a project aimed at protecting the Ozark environment.

Ewing declines to say how much Nabholz paid for his company, but he says the timing was right. Nabholz was looking for partnership with a major player in northwestern Arkansas, and Ewing was looking for a way to devote more time to other activities.

The past three years, Nabholz has been the only Arkansas company listed among the nation's top 400 building contractors as determined by Engineering News Report. It is expected to do slightly less than $70 million in projects this year.

KA, which expects to post sales of $25 million this year, built the expanded portion of Razorback Stadium, Bud Walton Hall and the fine arts center, all at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

The Ozark facility Ewing envisions would be similar to science schools, as he describes them, at Teton and Yosemite national parks. Public school children can go to these centers for as many as five days at a time to experience the beauty and learn about the natural resources the places offer.

He says he has not purchased any land, and the Ozark center is in the early planning stages.
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Title Annotation:Nabholz Construction; KA Industries
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 26, 1990
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