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NZNO wants better consultation on nurse practitioners.

NZNO wants more effective collaboration with the new chair of the Nursing Council, Bev Rayna, over nurse practitioner (NP) competencies and registration processes.

A paper to the board outlined the development of the Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee (NPAC-NZ), an NZNO initiative. The key objectives of the initiative were to uphold NZNO's position on advanced nursing practice and retain a level of professional authority and influence over the credentialing of advanced nursing practice. The four organisations on NPACNZ (NZNO, the College of Nurses Aotearoa, New Zealand ColLege of Mental Health Nurses and the Council of Maori Nurses) agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Nursing Council in order to influence NP policy and requirements for endoresement as an NP. The paper stated that when NPAC-NZ was established in 2002, it was anticipated there would be robust debates about the NP model which would be in private to protect the first NPs and to prevent undermining of the NP model.

On the paper's recommendations, the board congratulated NPAC-NZ for its achievements and supported NZNO's continuing involvement. The paper also called on the board to express concern that the open and transparent partnership with Nursing Council on the development of NP competencies and registration process had not been fully realised, and recommended more effective collaboration with the new chair and on the MoU. If this process was not successful, the paper suggested that NPAC-NZ's member organisations discuss their ongoing commitment to the MoU. The paper noted that NZNO's preferred option was for NPAC-NZ and the Nursing Council to work collaboratively to benefit NPs, nursing, the health sector and client populations.

The board voted in favour of all these recommendations.

Professional nursing adviser Susanne Trim and diabetes NP Helen Snell are NZNO's representatives on NPAC-NZ.

These decisions, compiled by Teresa O'Connor, were made at the December 2006 meeting of NZNO's board of directors.
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Author:O'Connor, Teresa
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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