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NZNO AGM & Conference.

FIONA Unac PNC Chair and PNC National Committee member Bobby Guy represented the Perioperative Nurses College at the NZNO Colleges & Sections Day, AGM and Conference held from September 16 to 18, 2014.

Fiona and Bobby are keen orators and it would be fair to say that the Perioperative Nurses College presence at conference was definitely heard. Fiona and Bobby actively participated in conference opportunities by: promoting the 7kg crate weight project, asking questions during the political debate, directing questions to the Chief Nurse, NZNO President and Kaiwhakahaere and contributing to remit discussions.

On the morning September 16, Fiona was invited by NZNO Chief Executive Memo Musa to attend the private welcoming of the keynote speaker Lee Thomas, Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation. The private welcoming was attended by Memo Musa, NZNO President Marion Guy, NZNO Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku and a few members of the executive team. It was privilege to be part of the welcoming party and have the opportunity to network with Lee and the NZNO executives.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is the largest union in Australia with 250,000 members. Lee is politically engaged, passionate and courageous in her quest to improve patient care and nursing conditions. During her keynote address, Lee shared many experiences of how members rallied to bring about positive change. For example in Sydney, 4000 members rallied for a nursing/ patient ratio of 1:4--which they have achieved.

Colleges & Sections Day

At the Colleges and Sections Day there are two representatives from each of the Colleges and Sections. An important part of the day is the three minute annual report, where each group has the opportunity to showcase their College or Section.

The PNC presentation focused on growing a collective professional voice whilst recognising our specialty areas of expertise: knowledge and skills framework development; promoting the Registered Nurse Assistant to the anaesthetist and the 7kg surgical crate weight limit.

As part of the College and Sections day there was an address from the Ministry of Health's Chief Nurse, Jane O'Malley, with questions from the floor. There was also a 'couch session' with questions and answers with the NZNO President and Kaiwhakahaere. Suzanne Trim discussed an upcoming NZNO campaign to promote nursing and the nursing profession.

NZNO AGM & Conference

NZNO introduced electronic voting in 2014, something that was well received by the delegates. Remit voting time was significantly reduced. There were no contentious issues; however the recommendation of only joining two Colleges and Sections was debated. Members having weighted votes at the AGM. The issue whereby a member can have three counted votes--one for their region and one for each College or

Section they belong to--is still not resolved. The Wellington Region submitted five remits which focus on providing strategic direction for NZNO campaigning.

With only two days remaining before the country's General Election and nurses making up five per cent of the female vote, it was not surprising that there was a political panel. There were representatives from Labour, the Green Party, New Zealand First, and the Maori Party. The National Party representative gave apologises, due to fog. Each representative spoke for ten minutes then there were questions from the floor including but not limited to: the underfunding of mental health services, the small numbers of Nurse Practitioners, delays in recruiting replacement staff, and employment of new graduate Registered and Enrolled Nurses.

There were outstanding plenary sessions focusing on issues that affect nurses, such as fair pay, occupational health and safety, fatigue risks, nursing visibility and campaigning for positive change.

The plenary speakers included Lee Thomas, federal secretary of ANMF; Helen Kelly, president of the Council of Trade Unions; Philippa Gander, research professor and director of the Sleep/Wake Research Centre at Massey University Wellington campus; Jane Kelsey professor of law, policy and international economic regulation at the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland; and Marilyn Head, senior policy analyst NZNO.

There were also concurrent workshops on a variety of different topics ranging from care capacity and demand management; showcasing a Maori clinical nurse specialist service; recovery-orientated community wellness checks for mental health clients; and a glimpse into rural nursing by a sole practitioner on the West Coast.

PNC undertakes opportunistic research

In the main conference programme, ten Colleges and Sections were chosen to showcase their professional activities. PNC was chosen, providing the ideal opportunity to promote the 7kg surgical crate weight project. PNC had a trade stand and invited delegates to undertake blind lifting of two crates, one at the Australian standard and the other at the United States standard. Fiona Unac and Bobby Guy are currently analysing the data and will present this as a 'Newsletter Report' for distribution through the NZNO network and for placing on the PNC website.

Thank you to NZNO

The College and Sections day and AGM/National Conference takes significant planning and resourcing. It is appreciated that NZNO values the coming together of industrial and professional NZNO leaders at these events. Travel, accommodation, meals and venue are very well organised, allowing the conference delegates to focus on learning and networking. NZNO is the largest industrial and professional organisation in New Zealand.

Seize the opportunity to attend a NZNO conference if the opportunity presents.

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