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NZNO's opposition to physician assistant role consistent and continuing.

October 2009: NZNO submission on the New Zealand Medical Council's consultation document on the physician assistant (PA) role calls for the potential of nursing initiatives and registered nurses to fill the skill gap to be "comprehensively considered" before considering wider PA roles. (1)

February 2010: Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB) to pilot PA role in surgery. (2)

February 2010: NZNO submission opposes introduction of pilot PA role and calls for comprehensive assessment of health workforce needs and future options, including expanded nursing roles, before a new cadre of health practitioner is introduced. (3)

October 2010: Two PAs start work at CMDHB. (4)

May 2011: NZNO releases position statement on PAs which states that, as long as PAs are unregulated, there is a risk to public safety. (5)

March 2012: HWNZ announces it will extend its PA "pilot" to primary health care (PHC), a move NZNO professional services manager Susanne Trim calls "extremely disappointing" and "insulting". (6)

April 2012: Overwhelmingly positive evaluation of PA pilot at CMDHB released. Evaluation criticised by a number of health professional organizations. (7)

May 2012: NZNO describes the evaluation as "methodologically flawed, factually incorrect in places and deficient in data sources...". (8)

December 2012/January 2013: Five PAs start work in PHC and emergency care in Waikato and Gore. (9)

May 2014: NZNO restates its opposition to use of PAs until a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the role in New Zealand has been carried out. (10)

Early 2015: Consulting firm Synergia to evaluate PHC PA pilot. (10)

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Date:Dec 1, 2014
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