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NYECC names new customer advocacy director.

In a move which further accelerates the NYECC's (New York Energy Consumers Council) drive to provide major customers in the Con Edison service territory with rate case intervention, advocacy, education and informational services, energy management professional David F. Bomke has been named the group's first Executive Director.

The group was recently formed as a result of the consolidation of the Owners' Committee on Electric Rates, Inc. ("OCER") and the New York Energy Buyers Forum (NYBEF), which together represent one-third of all the energy consumed by commercial entities in New York City and Westchester County. Bomke was an early member of the NYBEF and served as the Chair of its Steering Committee.

The appointment was announced by Peter L. DiCapua and Jay Raphaelson, NYECC Co-Presidents, who described Bomke as "possessing the blend of expertise in the energy field, and management and communications skills that the NYECC needs to further its mission of obtaining reliable energy at affordable prices for our members."

Bomke's responsibilities are multiple and complex, going beyond "the core responsibilities of recruitment and retention, and general association management," he explained. "When rate case intervention, such as that which we just completed with the Public Service Commission, is not our immediate focus, we must continue to and assess the marketplace, and make sure that our members are being given the proper information about the constantly changing marketplace that they can make educated decisions on energy management policy," he continued.

"We're helping them navigate through uncharted waters, to understand and recognize beneficial vs short-lived opportunities for energy savings, for example, while sorting through the pros and cons of the services offered by energy providers, or understanding how various types of deals are constructed."

The new Executive Director foresees the NYECC's role as the Con Edison marketplace's total resource for the energy management profession, and he is already structuring education and advocacy efforts to benefit members and the business community at large. He has already launched an information newsletter, distributed briefing bulletins and advisories, and is developing quarterly seminars to examine the marketplace and provide decision-making guidance. Above all, Bomke says, "some of the greatest information sources and resources lie within our membership, and our healthy, and growing membership is of the highest quality in that regard."

He will also be coordinating the intervention and advocacy efforts undertaken by the NYECC, which through its previous constituent entities, was responsible for more than $1 billion in savings in energy costs.

To this formidable position Bomke brings more than two decades of expertise as both a management consultant and an energy manager. In the last decade alone, for both private, and state and local governmental clients, he had management responsibility for more than $300 million in energy budgets.

Among his clients were a major New York State Agency, as well as public school systems and private universities in New York and Florida. He has also served in Information Technology, telecommunications, general budgetary and human resources/management capabilities as well.

A published author of energy-related articles, including a leading primer on the potential impact of electrical deregulation on educational institutions, Bomke is a cum laude graduate of MacMurray College (Jacksonville, Illinois) and pursued graduate work at Rice University in Houston.
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Date:Feb 9, 2005
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