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NYC tax roll closes on May 22, final to be published May 28.

The final New York City property tax roll was to stay open for last minute changes through May 22, although tax certiorari attorneys were warned that offers accepted after May 17 might not make in onto the rolls.

Owners of properties which receive property tax assessment reductions after that will have to pay on the amount billed to them in July by the city, obtain a "remission order" and then apply for a refund.

A Department of Finance spokesperson said the final roll will be published on Tuesday, May 28.

Property owners represented by attorneys should start to being receiving refund checks in June from last year's reductions. Sources indicated that most remission orders received since January from attorneys had been held up while the refund personnel concentrated on taxpayer inquiries.

Thousands of individual taxpayers were attempting to receive refunds this Spring after New York Newsday printed a list of addresses, which it alleged, had monetary credits listed in the payment histories. Many of those credits, including water, sever and vault credits, were illusory and were the result of keypunch errors but each inquiry had to be tracked down by the refund unit.

The refunds are welcome news for the attorneys, who normally do not bill their clients until the check is in hand, as well as for property owners who are expecting to be hit with double digit property tax payment increases come July.
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Author:Marshall, Bradley
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:May 22, 1991
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