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NYC issues proposal.

The New York City Department of Sanitation has announced that November 12 will be the deadline for contractors interested in submitting proposals for accepting, processing and marketing New York City's metal, plastic and, eventually, glass.

The goal of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to provide the private sector with a contractually secure supply arrangement to guarantee that the necessary capital investments on its part will be warranted.

John Doherty, sanitation commissioner, says, "With the release of this RFP, we have begun a process that will ultimately result in a more efficient and cost-effective citywide recycling program."

The department seeks to award contracts of 20 years. The city's long-term commitment to deliver recyclables is crucial to attracting the level of investment in technology, infrastructure and research needed to handle New York's metal and plastic recycling, which currently averages roughly 400 tons per day. Once glass returns to the program in 2004, the amount of recyclables is expected to rise to nearly 1,000 tons daily. The RFP also outlines provisions to insulate the city and contractors against fluctuations in the market value of recycled materials.

The RFP is for "primary processing"--the sorting, cleaning, baling and marketing of the recycling that comes off the curb. Processing firms that can only handle small tonnages, as well as manufacturers looking for pre-sorted recyclables, need not apply.

Contractors should contact Robert Lange, director of the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, at (212) 837-8156 for more information.
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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