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NYC's Zip City Brewing Co. set to close down.

The Zip City Brewing Co., the brewpub that ushered in a veritable brewpub boom in New York City, is reportedly going out of business. Calls to the pub last week went unanswered.

The brewpub opened in 1991, an upscale venue, the name a literary allusion to Babbit's chosen hometown.

The brewpub, founded by native New Yorker Kirby Shyer, had been highly successful during its early years in business.

According to reports in the New York business press, the pub was hurt last winter when heavy snows kept customers away and left it too cash poor to compete with newer brewpub competitors.

Several of these other NYC brew-pubs are also said to be in difficult financial straits, with one other closure already reported.

New York-based retail consultant R. Fulton MacDonald was quoted in the New York Post saying, "The bloom is off the rose with brewpubs...Brewpubs are complicated businesses which require a lot of capital, a public that drinks a lot of beer and a lot of traffic, and we don't have these components here in the U.S."

Jerome Noll, an attorney and brewpub consultant, concurred, saying, "You will not he seeing any new big name brewpubs opening up in the future [in NYC] and I think we will enter a period now where there will be a weeding out of the weaker ones."

There has been a rash of brewpub openings in New York City over the past couple of years: The Westside Brewing Co. (Nov. '93); The Yorkville Brewery (Oct.'94); Chelsea Brewing (April '96); Typhoon Brewery (May '96) Commonwealth Brewery (June '96) and the Times Square Brewery (July '96).

Others in Manhattan included the Carnegie Hill Brewery, Heartland Brewery and the Highlander.
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Title Annotation:New York City
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 14, 1997
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