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NXP Takes on Echo, Echo, Echo ...

Hands-free calling is safer than using a hand that belongs on the steering wheel to hold a phone (and in many locales, it is the only legal way to be involved in telephony while driving), but there is often a drawback, a variant of feedback: echoes.

That is, the voice signal from an incoming call plays through the speakers and reverberates through the vehicle only to be returned to the microphone such that the caller hears her or his own voice. In addition to which, there are issues related to other noises, such as noise generated b tires, the HVAC system, windows, passengers, etc.

NXP Semiconductors has developed what it calls an automotive "Echo Cancellation Noise Reduction" (ECNR) software that can be ported into the company's NXP i.MX processors, car radio tuners and DSPs.

The ECNR system addresses both the voice-back-into-the-microphone and the extraneous noise issue to enhance the sound quality of conversations.

And it is worth noting that NXP has more than a little experience in dealing with this sort of thing.

Alexandre Henon, marketing director of audio solutions at NXP: "The NXP ECNR software has been deployed worldwide in more than a billion phones."

Henon added, "We adapted our ECNR to automotive requirements and ported the software on two NXP chipset families to provide NXP customers with an easy to implement, high-performance and architecturally flexible solution depending on where they want to run the ECNR function."

The ECNR is ITU-TP1110 and CarPlay pre-certified.

Caption: The Echo Cancellation Noise Reduction system from NXP Semiconductor addresses the issues that can occur when using a hands-free phone setup in a vehicle.

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Date:Jun 1, 2018
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