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NWA Cargo cuts fuel surcharges.


NWA Cargo, the cargo unit of Northwest Airlines (NYSE: NWA), is reducing its fuel surcharges in certain markets following recent declines in the price of jet fuel.

Surcharges for all domestic shipments within the United States will be reduced from USD0.50 to USD0.46 per pound.

The carrier's transatlantic fuel surcharges, for shipments from the US to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, will be reduced from USD1.20 to USD1.10 per kilogram.

Surcharges for shipments from the US to Korea and Japan, as well as from Korea and Japan to the US, will also decrease to USD1.10 per kilogram, NWA Cargo said.

Meanwhile the surcharges for westbound transpacific surcharges, from the US to Shanghai, Guangzhou and points beyond, will decrease from USD0.50 to USD0.40 per kilogram.

The surcharges on the longest routes in the NWA Cargo network, including all other shipments between the US and Asia, will decrease from USD1.30 to USD1.20 per kilogram.

Full details of the revised surcharge levels can be found at

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Sep 9, 2008
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