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NVIDIA's Level 2+ System Has Conti, ZF On Board.

Two years ago, Continental ( and ZF ( rival suppliers in most auto domains--agreed to work together with NVIDIA ( to advance a commercial automated driver system. Two years later, the trio of companies returned to the 2019 CES to say that the system will be commercially available in 2020.

Called NVIDIA DRIVE AutoPilot, the Level 2+ system pulls together AI technologies to boost the features everyone expects in automated driving, namely smart cockpit assistance and visualization, but in a way the companies say will surpass contemporary ADAS offerings.

Beyond the basic adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and automatic emergency braking features, the system is billed to handle situations where lanes split or merge, and safely perform lane changes, while also monitoring driver actions in the cabin.

The DRIVE AutoPilot mates with the NVIDIA Xavier system-on-a-chip processors and NVIDIA DRIVE software. The combo is intended to process several deep neural networks to perceive its surroundings, which are fed from a 360-degree camera.

Continental is using the system to develop an affordable automated driving architecture and blend it with its existing lineup of radar, lidar, camera and automated driving control unit technology. ZF, meanwhile, will use it in its ProAI modular hardware concept and open software architecture.

By Scott Anderson, Contributing Editor

Caption: NVIDIA has introduced DRIVE AutoPilot, which it says is the first commercially available Level 2+ Automated Driving System. Continental and ZF are among the first customers to integrate it.

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Title Annotation:GEAR: TECHWATCH
Author:Anderson, Scott
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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