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NVID Announces New Product and Updates Progress in Mexico.

CLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 1, 1999--

NVID International, Inc. (OTC BB:NVID) announced Wednesday an addition to the Company's product line and a series of new relationships that are focused on increasing sales of the Company's product lines in Mexico.

NVID and its subsidiary, Aqua Bio Technologies, Inc. have broadened its product line of ionization water disinfection products to include the Ion Disinfection System (IDS). This new product is designed to augment the existing Random Metering System (RMS) product line.

Per previous releases, NVID has purchased the rights to manufacture and market the RMS ionization technology throughout Canada, U.S. and Mexico from EHPC Ltd. of London, England in August of 1998. The technology enhances the disinfection properties of halogens (chlorine) at reduced levels and can be a cost effective, stand-alone alternative to halogens in many markets where traditional disinfection methodologies are being employed. The RMS technology was approved for municipal and residential drinking water applications within Mexico on December 11, 1998 by the Direccion General De Salud Ambiental for Mexico.

The new IDS ionization system utilizes ionic silver in much the same way as the RMS system. The main differences are size and the dosing capability. Where the RMS can adjust the amount of ionic silver injected into the process water within parts-per-billion (PPB), the IDS unit doses directly into the process water at a constant rate depending on water flow. These units measure 1' X 1 1/2' X 5" which make them ideal for use in emergency situations where potable drinking water is a major concern.

The IDS line will include models IDS 20, for residential systems, the IDS 90 for light commercial systems, and the IDS 400 for light industrial systems. All IDS systems can be mounted "in-line" or via dosing pump injection. The system will utilize external filters to give the unit flexibility in treating a wide variety of water conditions. Westlund Engineering of Clearwater, Florida will build the systems.

NVID President, David Larson stated, "the IDS technology fills a void in the NVID/Aqua Bio Technologies, Inc. product line. We wanted a system that addressed the needs of residential and light commercial/industrial consumers. Target markets will include homes, well water, restaurants, small to medium sized hotels, cooling towers, emergency equipment, and portable wastewater treatment systems. The unit has been field-tested in Mexico and has produced consistent results. Our goal is to mass-market the units initially in Mexico by 2,000, and then evaluate other countries where the same applications would be applicable."

NVID has entered into a distribution agreement with Mr. Federico Rodriguez of Mexico CitAqua Bio Technologies, S.A. de C.V. (ABT) has bNOM's). This certification confirms compliance with standards set by the Mexican government for products imported and/or distributed in Mexico and insures duty free impotallation within Mexico. The development is outoject for Club de Golf Mexico in early August. Club de Golf Mexico is the premiere country club in Mexico and annually hosts the Mexican Open. Phase one involved installation of an ionization system for the disinfection of a 550,00ich would include: disinfection of all water enn ponds to be used for irrigation. The final phave installed an ionization unit on a 170,000 litable water and wastewater.

NVID and ABT oling tower test site to replace chlorine as the co-sponsored by NVID and a leading cooling tower manufacturer from the U.S. Protocols for the test and weekpect to the future activities of the Company. Th Technologies, Inc. can be reached at:

Corporate Office: 28870 US 19 North, Suite 300

Clearwater, Florida 33761

Phone (727) 669-5005 Fax (727) 669-4701


Sales Office: 5153 Sandy Cove Avenue

Sarasota, Florida 34242

Phone (941) 312-9100 Fax (941) 312-9300

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